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*Members of Bloomers* prepare for their fall show "GoopleFace: OCR We There Yet?" at a dress rehearsal. Credit: Mirela Zaneva , Mirela Zaneva

As Wharton senior and Bloomers chairwoman Megan Lacey was flyering to promote the group’s show on Locust Walk this week, she yelled to passing students that the “CEOs of Google, Apple and Facebook” will be present at their event.

Since the title of Bloomers fall show, which opens Thursday, “Goopleface: OCR We There Yet?” includes the acronym for On-Campus Recruiting, Lacey said many students thought the show was in fact a recruiting event for the big three internet companies.

One freshman’s eyes lit up at the mention of such leading businesses, she said, adding that she assured him that “there is no prospect of getting a job from this event.”

Bloomers — the all-female musical and comedy club at Penn — is busy preparing for their fall performance which begins today and runs until Saturday night.

“This is one of our strongest shows and people will really enjoy the show’s theme,” College senior and Bloomer’s Head Writer Yolanda Carney said.

GALLERY: Photos from behind the scenes of Bloomers’ fall show

“Goopleface” takes a look at corporate America, Lacey explained. The show is set in a time where Facebook, Apple and Google merge together and “have bought out every other company in the world to get richer,” Carney added.

The show is comprised of two parts — 12 sketches similar to NBC’s Saturday Night Live segments and a 30-minute medley. The 12 segments are not necessarily about the theme of corporate America but the medley, written by the group’s seniors, revolves around this idea.

“We definitely wanted to write a show that reflected the current political and social climate, especially with the current economic crisis,” Carney said, adding that the show reflects an “uneasiness with the way our country is going right now.”

“It’s nice to take a step back and laugh at yourself,” Lacey said, mentioning that her and society’s addictions to Apple, Google and Facebook products are a focus of the show.

Bloomers, founded in 1978 by a group of female students who wanted to add feminine voices to the male-dominated comedy scene at Penn, has two main shows a year. However, they constantly perform in small events around the University and in the tri-state area.

“We’re working up to doing some more shows outside of the Penn community,” Lacey said.

Bloomers’ members are part of five sections, including cast, business staff, band, tech and costumes. Each section meets separately for at least eight to 15 hours in the weeks leading up to their shows. All members are encouraged to write for the show.

“Writing is more inclusive,” explained College senior Molly Armstrong, who works in costumes. “Some people are more hesitant in the beginning and then they come out with the most amazing bits.”

Bloomers boasts a long list of alumni — called “girdles” in their community — including current SNL cast member and 2004 College graduate Vanessa Bayer. The group has alumni across the country in different comedy troupes and schools such as Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade and the Underlings.

One founding alumna comes back to watch the performance the Wednesday before opening day and offers critiques.

“To me, Bloomers is about female empowerment because comedy is such a male-driven field,” College senior and Fall Director Melissa Cesarano said.

College freshman and cast member Olivia Route called rehearsal a fun escape from everything else.

“As much rehearsal as we have and as time consuming as it may be, it’s so worth it,” College freshman and cast member Jordyn Feingold said.

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