12/08/15 2:19am
While Platt is not scheduled to begin teaching until the fall 2016 semester, he is interested in mentoring undergraduates and involving them in his research, as his laboratory is established.
12/03/15 12:38am
What would happen if the entire Penn Police force’s security communication system went dark due to a simple power outage or a natural disaster?
11/18/15 12:33am
Pymetrics, a 2012 startup cofounded by Harvard graduates Frida Polli and Julie Yoo, has recently landed on Penn's campus.
11/15/15 2:00pm
If you have a great idea which addresses a significant world problem, then you could be the next millionaire.
11/12/15 1:25am
Earlier this month, the GRASP Lab received a three-year, $5.5 million Department of Defense grant to develop new flying robots capable of autonomously navigating environments that humans cannot physically see or access themselves.
11/11/15 8:45pm
WeissLabs will be the first 24/7 physical space on campus for students to work on their startup ideas.
11/11/15 1:39am
This past month, Penn Professor Shu Yang and her research team made a breakthrough that hopes to bring a new solution for injuries, and most specifically concussions, to the table.
11/09/15 10:58pm
Instead of working directly with the dangerous Ebola virus, the Penn scientists worked with non-infectious viral-like particles that have similar matrix proteins and bud in a similar form to Ebola
11/09/15 10:55pm
For 14 days, from Oct. 22 to Nov. 5, their entire lives were on camera on a continuous live feed for the world to see. 
11/09/15 10:51pm
With its wide variety of quirky and comedic questions, Know Your Crew combines the insights of classic psychology and personality tests with the fun of group games
11/03/15 11:40pm
A new contactless PennCard swipe system has been installed by the Division of Public Safety in major buildings on campus, and the futuristic tap-security setup is streamlining entrances and advancing safety at Penn. 
11/03/15 11:27pm
While Penn students attempt to follow the paths of tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs by taking time off from school to work on their tech startups, the ultimate decision of whether to return to classes or forgo the degree isn't an easy one.
11/02/15 11:43pm
The prize is among the largest social entrepreneurship awards offered by an American college.
11/02/15 12:43am
The new app Pinser will keep you from ever missing another event nearby.
11/02/15 12:03am

Ed Tech 2020 offers practical innovation to Penn instructors

Over 200 faculty and staff members across all 12 Penn Schools gathered on Oct. 30 for the annual "Engaging Students Through Technology" symposium
10/28/15 11:00am
Penn President Amy Gutmann announced today the launch of the President’s Innovation Prize, an opportunity for Penn students to apply their entrepreneurial ideas to the real world while also making a difference.
10/28/15 3:40am
Laura Butler is tired of tech being portrayed as a horror story. Instead, she believes it to be a romance.
10/27/15 12:18am
A team of Penn students are advancing to the final round of the annual case competition held by Point72 Asset Management.
10/26/15 10:32pm
These are the minds of School of Design graduate students Wei Tang and Jianan Zhang; two minds that recently won first place and third place respectively in the BLT Architects — or BLTa — Student Design Competition.
10/24/15 2:00pm
Less than 10 years after graduation, 2007 Wharton and Engineering alum Karthik Sridharan has a multi-million dollar business. 
10/21/15 10:29pm
In addition to a free ride, NoMoCab is likely to offer free samples of products ranging from the newest Coca-Cola product to mini bottles of Vodka.
10/21/15 12:13am
This fall, FRES began the transition process on Oct. 8, and all heating systems should be confirmed to be operational by Oct. 21.
10/20/15 2:55am
Across four years, STEM classes at Penn seem to be just as affordable as those in any other discipline.
10/19/15 10:57am
On Saturday, the Weiss Tech House and the Technology Entrepreneurship Club hosted their first annual Penn Innovation Conference.
10/15/15 1:33am

Alum talks breaking into the male-dominated film industry

Mikaelyn Austin, a 2004 College graduate and co-founder of Philly Philms, joined Penn students at a Tech Talk this Wednesday at Stouffer College House.
10/13/15 11:55pm
Scuba diving in tropical islands and exploring coral reefs for work sounds like some quixotic dream to most people, but for Physics professor Alison Sweeney, it’s anything but fantasy.
10/13/15 12:28am
About 70 percent of Penn students are Mac users.
10/13/15 12:25am
With a new app, students can now text anonymous tips to Penn Police. 
10/06/15 11:26pm
Acorns is a new app that is free to college students and aims to make the stock market less daunting to millennials who have little to no investment experience.
10/05/15 8:24pm
For many Penn students, Hangify has become the first resource when figuring out what to do on weekends. Merv Arnold-Lyons, a College senior and the company’s founder and current CEO, has no plans for slowing down anytime soon.