Student Life

09/10/17 6:03pm
On the site, fraternities and sororities are given a number grade that classify it as an “upper,” “middle” or “lower tier” organization. 
09/10/17 5:02pm
The group has historically followed the platform of the Democratic Party, but they're now shifting away from this "top-down" approach to push for the policies they believe in. 
09/08/17 9:21pm
Moya's mother spoke of her son as "an old soul — intuitive and inquisitive."
09/07/17 11:00am
“Penn Book Center was never problematic," said Lily Applebaum, assistant to the Faculty Director of the Kelly Writers House Al Filreis. 
09/07/17 10:00am
Between August 24 to 27, there were 11 cases of students requiring sickness transport and five cases of them requiring sickness assistance.
09/06/17 10:09pm
“Penn was a leader in higher education, but Bob was a leader in LGBT advocacy."
09/06/17 9:04pm
Penn InTouch can support up to 1,200 concurrent users. That is 5 percent of Penn's overall student population.
09/05/17 12:00am
The all-female comedy troupe, Bloomers, has changed their constitution to be more inclusive to gender non-conforming students.
09/04/17 8:39pm
Living off-campus often requires students to produce large sums of money upfront, which can be a challenge for students on financial aid. 
09/04/17 5:32pm
“Here in Philadelphia the sun is shining, but back home people are legitimately drowning to save their children.”
09/04/17 2:46pm
For the first time this year, Penn set the move-in date for international students to two days prior to NSO. The Assembly of International Students say this isn't enough. 
09/03/17 6:24pm
Last semester, Fossil Free Penn wrote a document outlining their demands and promising that if action was not taken by September, they would return in full force. They weren't kidding. 
08/31/17 12:01pm
“Congrats, you’ve made it to the top university in the world!!” writes the opening sentence in the guide. “There are a few things we forgot to mention in your glossy orientation packets."
08/31/17 11:00am
Working together with Nicaraguan doctors, students provided treatment to over 1500 patients.
08/30/17 11:33pm
“The biggest benefit was not having to deal with the chaos of moving in when everyone else moves in."
08/30/17 5:17pm
Cross, who begins her new job on Sept. 13, replaces longtime LGBT Center Director Bob Schoenberg.
08/29/17 11:46pm
Starting Monday,  421 popular alcoholic beverages will cost consumers at least $1 more.
08/29/17 12:29pm
An interactive timeline looking into when Penn's off-campus organizations were formed, and why. 
08/28/17 11:52pm
Students have begun to choose study abroad destinations where spring semesters don't extend into the summer — that way, their internship schedules aren't impacted.
08/28/17 8:01pm
Engineering sophomore Griffin Murphy will only get to move and unpack all his things into his HamCo apartment at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, which is also the first day of classes.