Spring Fling 2013

04/18/13 12:46am

Editorial | Get the Fling out

We’re not saying underage drinking is not a crime and that certain persons are above the law. We are saying that the police weren’t enforcing the law — they were enforcing Fling.
04/17/13 1:34am

Funding Fling, piece by piece

There is no such thing as a free Spring Fling. The Social Planning and Event Committee’s 2012-2013 year budget allocations show that putting on the annual Spring Fling concert is a $376,000 affair.
04/16/13 11:57pm
Why do we jam pack the year’s allotted fun into one weekend when it never turns out to be the best one?
04/15/13 10:45pm

Students continue Tyga discussion after Fling

Though Fling weekend is over, talk of Tyga’s controversial lyrics is not.
04/14/13 11:18pm

Students to appear in court for Fling liquor citations

According to Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush, 31 citations were issued at two off-campus parties on Thursday night by the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement.
04/14/13 9:52pm
Despite the rain and recent controversies about the performers, students enjoyed the concert featuring Tyga, Girl Talk and Janelle Monae and the carnival-themed festivities in this year’s Spring Fling. VIDEO: SPRING FLING 2013 PHOTO GALLERY: SNAPSHOTS OF FLING PHOTO GALLERY: FLING TANK CONTEST
04/11/13 11:54pm
Tyga won’t be the only one promoting sexism on Friday. While there has been much furor over Tyga’s lyrics, certain groups at Penn will be propagating a more ubiquitous and insidious form of sexism over Fling: our fraternities.
04/11/13 11:06pm
A number of students, through groups and fraternities, are leaving Penn’s Spring Fling concert for Villanova University’s Alesso concert.