11 hours ago
VP pick and Senator Tim Kaine will also be at the event on Saturday.
11 hours ago
Has campus always been this energetic during times of such political significance?
10/20/16 1:28am
“The mission of the SP2 Penn Top 10 is to educate, enlighten, and empower a diverse audience of voters and policymakers from all walks of life,” Jessica Bautistaok, SP2’s Communications and Public Relations Officer, said in an email.
10/19/16 9:55pm
"Like most Americans, and perhaps even most Republicans, I wouldn’t feel comfortable being in the same neighborhood as this guy," said Donald Morrison, a 1968 College graduate, of Donald Trump. 
10/19/16 2:24am
Former United States Ambassador John Bolton gave a scalding critique of the Obama administration's foreign policy when he visited Penn on Tuesday.
10/19/16 2:20am
With $1 million of seed funding at stake, the prestigious Hult Prize competition draws thousands of student hopefuls each year.
10/19/16 2:17am
In the competitive Senate race between incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Democrat Katie McGinty, the College Republicans have done phone banks, door-to-door canvassing and handed out flyers. 
10/18/16 11:58pm
A branch of Democratic Coalition Against Trump Super Political Action Committee, Students Against Trump, established a chapter at Cornell University.
10/18/16 1:47am
The 27th Ward, which includes Penn, is contributing 22,860 eligible voters this election. 
10/17/16 1:19am
Despite the Penn Museum's promise to look after the artifacts for Philadelphia, these items have been left exposed to the elements for around 40 years.
10/17/16 1:17am
Hamilton and others spoke in support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in West Philadelphia Sunday on behalf of the group Mothers of the Movement, which represents mothers who have lost sons and daughters to fatal encounters with law enforcement.
10/16/16 11:40pm
On October 5, 2015, Penn was one of many Philadelphia-area colleges that lived under the threat of an anonymous online post foreshadowing a mass shooting.
10/16/16 11:35pm
It is not by accident that the right to bear arms is the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution─the founding fathers valued gun ownership highly, enumerating it just after the fundamental rights of free expression. A common misconception about the Second Amendment is that it is only referential to self-defense, to prevent other individual citizens from causing harm onto us.
10/16/16 5:20pm
Lauren Hitt, Kenney's spokesperson and a 2013 College graduate, first tweeted a link to an Inside Higher Education article that described how Penn does not have to pay property taxes to Philadelphia due to its nonprofit status.
10/14/16 10:01pm
In a year marked by Islamophobia nationally and locally, the Muslim Student Association spent the past week spreading awareness of their faith. 
10/14/16 9:58pm
An exhibit in the Biddle Law Library features images from photographer Rich Ross’s “Juvenile In Justice” series, which depicts the living conditions of teens experiencing solitary confinement.
10/12/16 11:41pm
According to Philly.com, the state of Pennsylvania saw a surge in new voter registrations in the weeks and days leading up to the deadline on Oct. 11.
10/12/16 10:36pm
On Sept. 26, after the first presidential debate, Brousse fired off 14 tweets about her family's experience in Atlantic City during Trump's construction boom there.
10/11/16 11:43pm
From the Compass to Van Pelt Library, campus on Tuesday was a frenzy of student groups urging students to register on the last day before the Oct. 11 deadline.
10/11/16 6:00am
Close to 20 students decorated College Green with eight-feet-tall artwork and posters with the slogan, “Your body, your vote.”