01/16/17 12:28am
“We are entering a period of unusual uncertainty," professor Rogers Smith said.
01/13/17 4:46pm
This comes just days after Biden was caught on a hot microphone confirming his decision to come to Penn after he leaves the White House.
01/12/17 10:02pm
In the wake of a divisive and tumultuous election, some students at Penn aren’t ready to see Obama go.
01/12/17 9:32pm
The former West Philadelphia politician — whose district included Penn's campus — was convicted of a series of racketeering and corruption charges last year.
01/12/17 8:38pm
Biden recently confirmed that he would be "based out of Penn for foreign policy" after leaving office on a hot mic at the mock swearing-in ceremony for senators.
01/11/17 10:13pm
The chairman of Portland Community College’s board of directors, Gene Pitts, has resigned from his position after the school’s vote last month to adopt the sanctuary campus label.
01/11/17 7:40pm
The team’s research has real-world applications on a personal level and the national level. The systems they study are the same systems that protect email accounts of regular people and the classified accounts of government officials.
01/10/17 8:38pm
Despite sparking national controversy, the historically black Talladega College confirmed that its marching band will perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade.
01/10/17 7:52pm
The Women's March on Washington, organized in response to the election of 1968 Wharton graduate and President-elect Donald Trump, aims to "join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore" and to counter "rhetoric of the past election cycle."
01/05/17 12:41pm
Clayton is currently a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, a New York law firm that represents Wall Street titans, most notably Goldman Sachs Inc. He returned to Penn for law school, graduating in 1993. He also holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Cambridge.
01/03/17 7:52pm
The signatories included over 1,100 professors of law from around the country.
01/03/17 7:12pm
Vice President Joe Biden will be doing foreign policy work at Penn, and will be creating a separate organization called The Biden Trust to continue his "Cancer Moonshot" initiative, according to comments he made on Tuesday. 
12/21/16 10:40am
Outgoing U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will ‘set up shop’ at Penn when he leaves office in January, Politico reported Wednesday morning.
12/17/16 11:00am
The Annenberg Public Policy Center's political fact checking website, FactCheck.org, will be among the fact-checking organizations to identify and label fake news stories flagged by Facebook users. 
12/14/16 7:17pm
Penn’s status as a “sanctuary” campus could spell economic trouble for the University in light of legislation that will soon be introduced at the state level. 
12/13/16 12:53am
Rachel Pomerantz sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian to speak about Penn Dems’ agenda for the spring semester.
12/13/16 12:41am
Students across campus are planning to promote continued dialogue surrounding the Trump administration, which they see as a necessary first step for the future of campus election-related protests.
12/12/16 4:13pm
On Monday, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond ruled against recounting all paper ballots in Pennsylvania and blocked Stein from inspecting voting machines in certain counties, according to a Politico report.
12/12/16 3:27pm
Fattah, whose area of representation during his 21 years in Congress included Penn's West Philadelphia campus, also earned a degree in 1986 from the Fels Institute of Government.