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At Truth to Power exhibition, a powerful message for change

Eight years ago, Russell Craig was sitting behind bars with nothing but a number two pencil in his hand and an idea in his head. Fast forward to today, and a towering portrait of his face hangs in an art gallery at the Truth to Power art exhibition in Philadelphia.

Panel discusses free community college during the DNC

On July 25th, the College Promise Campaign and Innovative Educators hosted a discussion focusing on free community college. The event started with a screening of No Greater Odds, a film about students’ experiences at the College of Southern Nevada.

Students use DNC to prepare for fall class

Communication Professor David Eisenhower is teaching a class in the fall called Conventions, Campaigns and Debates, and the pre-requisite for the class is that students must attend either the Republican National Convention or the DNC. 

When military coup meets summer internship

Members of the military launched a coup attempt against the Turkish President Recep Tayyip on Friday, while rising College junior Leo Page-Blau was in his host family’s house, 20 minutes outside Ankara. 

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