Letters to the Editor

10/19/11 12:52am

Your Voice | Seeing beyond labels

Campus organizations and leaders show support for Wharton sophomore Tania Chairez, an undocumented immigrant.
10/16/11 11:30pm

Your Voice | Let would-be Americans live out their dreams

A Penn alumna is disappointed by online comments responding to Tania Chairez’s guest column on being an undocumented immigrant.
10/13/11 12:28am

Your Voice | Undocumented immigrants

Readers respond to a guest column by Tania Chairez, a Wharton sophomore and undocumented immigrant. GUEST COLUMN: Undocumented and unapologetic
10/11/11 11:57pm

Your Voice | Occupy Wall Street solidarity statement

95 Penn faculty members express their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. TOPICS: Occupy Philadelphia GALLERY: 88 photos from Occupy Philly Thursday
10/09/11 4:33pm

Your Voice | Inequitable public school funding

When a K-12 public education system is based on property tax revenue, the poor will inevitably suffer.
10/06/11 12:41am

Your Voice | Shadowy fingerprints

Pennsylvania’s voter-identification legislation, HB 934, has the fingerprints of the shadowy, corporate-funded, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council all over it. Related: New state legislation may bar students from voting
10/06/11 12:32am

Your Voice | An unfocused effort

We need to change the protest paradigm that thinks standing around, yelling general statements like “We’re the 99 percent” and hoping to get maced will accomplish something. Topics: Occupy Philadelphia
10/05/11 12:17am

Your Voice | Unsuitable for Wharton audiences

A reader was saddened to learn that an actress from the CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls” recently addressed students at Penn.
10/05/11 12:13am

Your Voice | Subsidize the solution

Penn professor David S. Barnes argues that the University does not support bike commuting. Related: Profs see biking as scenic and economical
09/28/11 11:05pm

Your Voice | Integrity in research

College senior Victor Galli writes that the University is failing to abide by national and Penn-specific animal research policies.
09/26/11 11:40pm

Your Voice | The real issues with Penn’s alcohol policy

Alec Webley writes that Brian Goldman’s recent column ignores the real issues with Penn’s alcohol policy.
09/25/11 10:09am

Your Voice | Not just an Israel issue

The Daily Pennsylvanian’s coverage of Wednesday’s Durban III protest might leave Quakers confused about the cause for our sit-in against Durban III. To us, Durban III is not a Middle East issue; it is a world issue.
09/20/11 11:33pm

Your Voice | Tea Party intellectualism

Charles Gray ought to re-examine his paradoxical argument concerning intellectualism.
09/19/11 11:52pm

Your Voice | Repeated oversights

1970 College graduate Joan Drucker Winstein criticizes Penn’s failure to cancel Professor Henry Teune’s class.
09/19/11 11:49pm

Your Voice | Pedestrian safety

University City resident Brian M. Villa cautions Penn pedestrians to exercise more common sense.
09/17/11 9:34pm

Your Voice | A university upon a hill

College senior Ned Shell responds to columnist Ernest Owens’ criticism of Penn’s promotion of its gay-friendly atmosphere.
09/14/11 12:45am

Your Voice | Commending Skimmer

The Red and Blue Crew praises the Sophomore and Junior Class Boards.
09/14/11 12:33am

Your Voice | A controversial advertisement

Readers criticize an advertisement from the David Horowitz Freedom Center that appeared in the DP.
08/04/11 2:54am

Your Voice | Penn’s new diversification plan is discriminatory

A reader wrote a letter in response to Penn’s Diversity Action Plan and thinks that it can only end in discrimination.
06/16/11 2:51am

Your Voice | Penn's international presence

We received a letter to the editor in response to news that Penn was increasing its Korean Studies program.