Hurricane Sandy Coverage

01/23/13 1:53am

PennDesign to combat natural disaster with innovation

The Penn School of Design is working to make cities and areas susceptible to natural disaster more sustainable and safe for residents. A new course will give students the opportunity to redesign infrastructure and cities.
01/08/13 10:58pm
Nearly 100 PennDesign students and faculty members — along with experts from outside the University — began the new semester with an open-ended conversation concerning the role of design education and practice in disaster response and prevention.
11/26/12 1:05am

New simulation can help prepare people for hurricane damage

A recently developed tool that predicts how people will behave in disaster situations may be able to help if a hurricane like Sandy comes back to call.
11/06/12 9:34pm

Medical schools hit by lab mice losses in Sandy's wake

When Hurricane Sandy swept across the East Coast last week, thousands of valuable research mice and rats at New York University’s Langone Medical Center perished as the unprecedented storm surge flooded the basement of the school’s Smilow Research Center.
11/01/12 12:32am
Politics have flooded news portals for the last 16 months. How refreshing, to have a non-partisan two days.
10/31/12 1:37am

Editorial | Staying safe through Sandy

While Sandy left our campus largely unscathed, the University was prepared for much worse.
10/30/12 11:41pm

Sandy spares Penn's campus

Though Hurricane Sandy put a halt to classes and operations at Penn over the past two days, University officials acknowledged that the storm — which caused massive power outages, flooding and at least 48 deaths up and down the Eastern Seaboard — largely spared the campus community.
10/30/12 11:30pm
Despite being stuck inside for most of Monday and Tuesday, students passed the time in a variety of ways — some more unconventional than others.