Higher Education

04/10/17 8:26pm
Students with family income under $100,000 will receive free tuition to CUNY or SUNY schools per the Excelsior Scholarship.
01/15/15 2:21am
President Helen Giles-Gee announced she was stepping down from her post at the helm of the private university located just southwest of Penn’s campus.
12/16/14 6:42pm
Other Ivies accommodated law students on a case-by-case basis
11/18/14 3:00am
Penn President Amy Gutmann is the chair of the AAU.
08/26/14 6:28pm

Learning about policy, people and Puerto Rico on the House floor

The Wharton Public Policy Initiative gave one student the chance to intern for his congressman.
07/16/14 9:19pm
Beginning her interim term on June 16, Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiative Director Julie Lyzinski Nettleton will serve until Michele Goldfarb’s permanent replacement is appointed. She will continue to lead the AOD — where she has worked since 2005 — while serving as interim director.
07/09/14 5:11pm
In Harper Polling's "Our Commonwealth Poll", 24 percent of participants chose Penn State over Bucknell University, Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh and Villanova University. 
04/17/14 10:18pm

The Higher Ed Round-Up

A weekly roundup of news around higher education.
03/20/14 6:08pm

Innovation degrees gain popularity in higher education

Universities also provide spaces for innovation and collaboration.
03/17/14 9:55pm

2014 MBA class will be first to take new communications courses

The Wharton Class of 2014 is the first class to graduate with a Communication Curriculum, which includes one writing course and two speaking courses. “In a recent survey, alumni indicated that the ability to write well is crucial to their career success,” said Brennan Maier, instructor and director of the writing course.
03/16/14 8:50pm
Mathematics students and faculty are speaking out against the conversion of part of the Math-Physics-Astronomy Library into an active learning classroom.
03/15/14 10:24pm

Outgoing Dean of Nursing leaves legacy of diversity and innovation

Meleis headed the School of Nursing for the past twelve years
03/06/14 7:19pm

Libraries in DRL and Towne buildings to be repurposed

Part of the Math, Physics and Astronomy Library in David Rittenhouse Laboratories will be converted to an active learning classroom and the Engineering Library in the Towne Building will close at the end of the semester.
03/05/14 8:35pm

Major changes come to the SAT

Students will no longer be penalized a quarter of a point for getting the wrong answer and obscure vocabulary words will be replaced in favor of words relevant to college courses.
02/27/14 12:32pm

Antonia Villarruel will be next Nursing School dean

The appointment concludes the first of four ongoing dean searches for Penn schools.
02/19/14 7:30pm

University Council majority votes to support tobacco divestment

The Board of Trustees will deliberate on how to proceed.
02/19/14 4:24am

College evaluates History and Tradition sector requirement

Student focus groups are the main method of evaluation
02/18/14 7:06pm

Penn Wharton China Center to be a research and career hub

The Center's permanent location will open in July 2015
02/16/14 6:25pm
From dreadlocks to post-baccs and from rock bands to shaking hands, the “non-traditional” students of five Ivy League universities came together this past Saturday.The second annual 2014 Ivy Returning Students Conference was hosted at the Kislak Center on the sixth floor of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library.
02/11/14 8:40pm

Wharton MBA program ranked top tier for women

The Wharton School boasts the highest percentage of women among all business schools in the world.