Tydings | Renewed confidence in Penn football

Outside of an inexperienced O-line, the strength returning all around new QB Alek Torgersen, from the coaching staff on down, puts Penn football in a solid place to succeed.
08/20/14 10:19pm

Tydings | Legacy of selflessness defines Al Bagnoli

Whenever  someone asks him a question about himself  at a press conference or after a practice, Bagnoli immediately deflects the question, preferring to speak about his student-athletes and his fellow coaches
04/24/14 9:33am

Penn and concussions: Tackling the problem head-on

As the anniversary of Owen Thomas' death nears, Penn athletes remember concussion histories while Penn and others take steps to fix the important problem
04/24/14 10:18am


Penn football set to end an era

For the Penn football program, 2014 is set to be a season of firsts and one, all-important last. 08/20/14 9:48pm

Wenik | Penn football will fly safely with Priore at helm

The message is clear: Ray Priore is the right man, in the right place, at the right time, to succeed the greatest coach in Quaker history in the retiring Al Bagnoli.
04/24/14 12:10am

Penn Football coach Al Bagnoli officially announced his retirement

Outgoing-Athletic Director Steve Bilsky announced that the long-time Penn head coach would retire after the 2014 season at a press conference. Bilsky also officially revealed defensive coordinator and associate head coach Ray Priore as Bagnoli’s successor.
04/24/14 9:30am

Penn football head coach Al Bagnoli to retire

The Daily Pennsylvanian confirmed that Bagnoli will retire after his 23rd season coaching the Red and Blue. According to the Philadephia Inquirer’s Mike Jensen, defensive coordinator Ray Priore will succeed Bagnoli as Penn’s head coach.
04/23/14 2:13am