04/22/11 4:05am

Jewish history museum opens doors to students

Last night, Penn students and students from other local universities went to the National Museum of American Jewish History for its first-ever College Night.
04/22/11 4:04am
Forty-one years after the first Earth Day was spearheaded by Penn professors and students, its importance has diminished. (with photo slideshow)
04/21/11 6:43am
The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity held its second-annual sorority dance competition titled War of the Roses Wednesday, in which Alpha Phi came out on top.
04/21/11 6:27am
Cairo freedom of expression scholar Khaloud Saber visited Penn Wednesday to share her optimism for Egypt with students.
04/21/11 3:27am
More than 200 students and faculty members dressed in black joined hands on College Green Wednesday to protest racism at Penn in response to a recent guest column in the DP.
04/21/11 3:14am
More than 300 students put food — which may appear in dining halls and retail spaces next year — to the test.
04/20/11 3:53am

Some interns content with unpaid work

Though most Penn students find paid summer internships, others see the benefits of certain opportunities — particularly in 'glamorous' fields — outweighing the fact that they are unpaid.
04/20/11 2:49am
Speaking at Levine Hall, Alexis Ohanian described the process of turning his "passion project" into a popular website.
04/20/11 2:10am

Wharton publishing goes digital

Wharton Digital Press, launched last week to replace Wharton School Publishing, finalized the school's move away from print.
04/20/11 1:34am

U. to offer mail collection services for summer

The new program, which will run from May 1 to Sept. 1, aims to solve the problem of students losing important mail while away from Penn.
04/19/11 5:00am

Penn alumna wins Pulitzer Prize for fiction

1985 College graduate Jennifer Egan was awarded the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for fiction on Monday for her novel, A Visit from the Goon Squad.
04/19/11 4:01am
History professor Alan Kors spoke at the Penn College Republicans Annual Keynote Address Monday.
04/18/11 5:25am
Although Friday’s activities and concert did not see rain, Saturday’s events were canceled or moved indoors due to blustery conditions.
04/18/11 5:11am
Despite Friday night’s chilly weather, Penn students flocked to Franklin Field to see Ratatat, Flo Rida and Lupe Fiasco perform at this year’s Spring Fling concert.
04/18/11 2:46am
About 300 students gathered at Franklin Field Sunday to commemorate Penn football captain No. 40 Owen Thomas, who committed suicide last April.
04/18/11 2:26am

Penn fails to meet RecycleMania goal

Penn came just about one percentage point short of its goal of a 30 percent cumulative recycling rate in this year's RecycleMania competition.
04/18/11 2:17am

Alternate Spring Fling offered opportunity to 'unwind'

In an effort to forge a new campus tradition, Alternate Spring Fling featured an assortment of alcohol-free activities including mandala painting, guided meditation and yoga sessions throughout the weekend.
04/18/11 1:54am
With the recent downturn of the economy, the number of Penn Nursing students with full-time jobs by graduation also went down.
04/18/11 12:15am

Despite downpour, hundreds walk for oral health awareness

Over 250 attended the Penn Dental School Oral Cancer Society’s third annual walk in Philadelphia to raise awareness and funds for a commonly undetected disease.
04/14/11 11:52pm
The United Minorities Council's Celebration of Cultures, held on College Green, drew students with free food and performances.