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Water purification plan among President's Engagement Prize winners

The five inaugural winners of the President's Engagement Prize will use this summer to prepare for their respective community engagement projects across the world.

The President's Engagement Prize was announced last summer as part of Penn President Amy Gutmann's vision for students to engage with the world, as set forth in the Penn Compact 2020.

Penn administrators talk graduation

The Daily Pennsylvanian asked some Penn administrators to reflect back on when they too were motivated young adults ready to conquer the world. Here is what they had to say.

Leaving behind barriers

Last spring, College freshman Kathryn Dewitt was facing her own crisis amidst a semester marked by two student suicides in three weeks.

Cohen on College, Comcast & Connections

From his office on the 52nd floor of the Comcast Center, David L. Cohen has a panoramic view of Philadelphia, the city in which he is so deeply involved. But he insists on heading to the 56th floor to see his favorite view from the skyscraper.

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