05/24/17 9:00am
Gutmann's ccompensation package, a 6.09 percent increase from what she brought home in 2014, remains one of the highest in the country. 
05/22/17 8:30am
Johns Hopkins' Board of Trustees Secretary Maureen Marsh told The Daily Pennsylvanian that Gutmann was chosen due to her status as one of higher education’s most respected leaders.
05/19/17 10:27am
Even after international students secure a sponsor for the H-1B visa, they still have to enter a lottery system for the visa which is known for having a low acceptance rate. In 2016, only 85,000 visas were granted out of 236,000 applications.
05/18/17 10:51pm
At least 11 local businesses have closed in the past year, including Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, Doc Magrogan's Oyster House, Bridge Cafe and the Fresh Grocer.
05/18/17 2:56pm
"Penn has it all," according to Travel + Leisure magazine, "eclectic and varied architecture, plenty of trees, and even a park with views of the Philadelphia skyline."
05/17/17 5:50pm
This grant-funded program will be "rolled out to hospitals, ambulatory care settings, communities, and homes," Penn Medicine said. 
05/16/17 7:31pm
His opinion piece comes amid a national conversation on hazing and fraternity culture stemming from the death of Penn State University sophomore Timothy Piazza.
05/15/17 9:46pm
For the 261st time, the University of Pennsylvania commissioned a new graduating class into the world.
05/04/17 12:23pm
Andrew Binns, a biology professor, will remain the interim dean until New Student Orientation.
05/03/17 5:47pm
The project aims to house inpatient care for heart and vascular medicine and surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, the Abramson Cancer Center and a new emergency department. This is Philadelphia's most "ambitious health care building project," Penn Medicine said in a statement.
04/26/17 11:06pm
Engineering freshman Eddie Hammond said he was disappointed by the results of the survey, since 25 percent of the student body is required to have one. “Freshmen get locked into the dining program," Hammond said. "Penn should be doing it’s best that students get their money’s worth."
04/26/17 2:18pm
Pritchett, a scholar of urban policy, education and race relations, is currently the Presidential Professor of Law and Education at Penn Law.
04/24/17 10:32pm
Vice president of Sigma Alpha Mu and College junior Matt Foman said he felt the Greek community was a good place to start expanding mental health training. “I think that Greek life is a place where people can be very real with each other and aren’t really afraid to talk about more intimate things," he said.
04/23/17 10:46pm
It was the first time all these presidents came together in a public forum to discuss what the schools could do for Philadelphia, given that only 27.4 percent of the city's residents have a bachelor's degree and only 64 percent of graduates of Philadelphia-area universities stay in the city. 
04/23/17 10:09pm
The impending arrival of air-conditioning has given Quad residents something to celebrate. “I’m excited that AC is coming to the Quad,” Engineering freshman Colleen Campbell said. “Now I can sleep again.”
04/19/17 4:40pm
One major recommendation involves the creation of a new category for off-campus organizations — called “Identified Off-Campus Groups.”
04/18/17 2:20pm
There will be two Baccalaureate ceremonies held on May 14: one at 1:30 p.m. and another at 3 p.m.
04/12/17 4:18pm
Abass Johnson was in the Master of Science in Applied Geosciences program and had last taken classes at Penn in spring 2016.
04/12/17 4:12pm
“We talked about a lot of social issues that lead to health issues,” College senior Selamawit Bekele said. “We realized that having grown up in two different countries, we knew of these types of traditional education systems that prompted these children to leave their homes."
04/10/17 9:44pm
Nursing seniors Marcus Henderson and Ian McCurry are recipients of the 2017 President’s Engagement Prize, which awards $100,000 to put towards their project.