10/21/16 9:45pm
Gutmann is Penn's top paid employee for the third year in a row.
10/21/16 9:50pm
In an interview this week, professor Shaun Harper said not all, but too many men engage in sexist and misogynistic conversations in which they degrade and say “Trumpish” things about women.
10/21/16 4:18am
Earlier this semester, all upperclassmen were notified that registration holds would be placed on undergraduates who did not complete the program.
10/19/16 2:14am
The Open Expression Observers are faculty and staff volunteers who attend meetings and events where free expression might be violated.
10/18/16 11:36pm
The Bike Commuter Expense Reimbursement Program will offer compensation to qualified faculty and staff for any out of pocket eligible expenses of up to $240 annually.
10/16/16 5:20pm
Lauren Hitt, Kenney's spokesperson and a 2013 College graduate, first tweeted a link to an Inside Higher Education article that described how Penn does not have to pay property taxes to Philadelphia due to its nonprofit status.
10/13/16 8:56pm
Six out of eight Ivy League schools including Penn reported endowment investment losses in 2016.
10/12/16 11:26pm
It was midnight on January 5, the night before the Common App was due, and high schoolers were freaking out on Twitter.
10/12/16 11:26pm
Brother Ross Jackson hit the student during a verbal confrontation in which the two individuals stood eye-to-eye, standing about an inch apart, according to The Red and Black, the student newspaper at the University of Georgia.
10/11/16 11:42pm
The donation will go towards building the Sachs Arts Innovation Hub, which will be located in the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, as well as supporting a range of arts-related projects and programs across the University.
10/11/16 8:53pm
FAFSA will be available three months earlier than in previous years.
10/11/16 2:13am
This is the the most comprehensive form of cyber protection Penn has ever implemented.
10/10/16 1:53am
At least seven former or current college housing staffers, including four house deans, say they have spoken to Human Resources about Redman. The portrait they describe is of an administrative unit beset with frustration over a leader many regard as sexist at worst and woefully insensitive at best.
10/10/16 1:40am
“When someone participates in private conversations where they talk about groping women, they are normalizing the idea that women are sexual objects” College junior Amanda Silberling said.
10/09/16 3:52pm
A federal judge has ruled in favor of Penn in a recent lawsuit against a neuroscientist who died after exposure to radiation while researching at the University. The plaintiffs plan to appeal the result. 
10/03/16 1:42am
Penn was the third-best school for veterans overall. 
10/03/16 1:36am
Penn First, the student organization for first generation, low income (FGLI) students on campus, implemented a range of projects after their inaugural summit in April this year.
10/01/16 6:18pm
For an urban campus, Penn is remarkably green
09/30/16 5:12pm
A recent petition, authored by 1991 College graduate Nathaniel Popkin, has increased pressure on Gutmann and the University to take a stand against Trump. 
09/28/16 4:03pm
This year's new student election results were delayed from their planned Sept. 22 release after accusations were raised of violations of the Fair Practice Code, the regulatory document that governs student elections.