10/24/16 12:51am
This semester, the Wharton Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB) is offering seminars in three areas: introduction to coding, financial modeling and design and Photoshop.
10/21/16 9:42pm
The University of Vermont’s medical school just announced that it plans to become the first medical school to abolish lecture courses and replace them with at-home videos and "active-learning" classrooms.
10/21/16 4:24am
By the time current pre-med undergraduates attend medical school, they will be studying completely new primary health curricula, thanks to Penn's new Center for Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care.
10/20/16 12:14am
“I speak as a practitioner who has stumbled, fallen and experimented with a lot of things”. Welcomed by a sea of applause, Nadinne Cruz stepped up onto the podium and greeted her audience, adding "it's a beautiful night" in Tagalog.
10/19/16 10:14pm
Perelman School of Medicine professor Yvette Sheline studied the brains of people with a history of depression, but may have discovered another benefit to antidepressants.
10/19/16 1:56am
“I still have the feeling that reading is good, even thought we haven’t been able to prove this aspect scientifically,” one of the co-authors said.
10/18/16 1:50am
In writing Archeophonics, Gizzi said he wanted to “bring back the cadences of the past."
10/18/16 1:42am
Unpredictable schedules can have negative impacts on the health of an individual working in the service sector.