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Perspective | At home and abroad, drinking age debated

(09/16/08 5:00am)

When College junior Cameron Clark looks back on this fall semester, he will fondly remember fine dinners paired with appropriate wines in the company of friends. But these memories aren't from Philadelphia, where the minimum legal drinking age is 21. Instead, they are souvenirs he is accumulating during his semester abroad at the Universite Lumiere Lyon in France.

'AP' investigation finds traces of medicine in Philadelphia water

(04/07/08 5:00am)

Can you taste the 56 different flavors in the water you drink? Last month, the Associated Press reported that traces of pharmaceuticals were found in the nation's water supply. In the article, investigators in Philadelphia were said to have found 56 different pharmaceuticals or byproducts in the city's water supply.

Group protests casinos

(02/29/08 5:00am)

Anti-casino activists are hoping to score a royal flush with their latest campaign launched this week. On Wednesday, Casino-Free Philadelphia kicked off its campaign against construction of casinos in the city - called Operation Hidden Costs - with a visit to the Governor's office at Walnut and Broad streets.

Courts Roundup

(12/11/07 5:00am)

Alleged panty thief awaits arraignment Legal proceedings against Diexia Wang, the Wharton senior who allegedly stole female undergarments from Mayer Hall, will continue next week. Wang, 21, is scheduled to be arraigned in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on Dec.

Student Murder Trial | With prosecution 'making progress,' fourth trial possible

(11/12/07 5:00am)

Despite three hung juries in the murder trial of Wharton student Irina Malinovskaya, experts say a fourth trial is still a distinct possibility. Lead prosecutor Paul Wallace declined to comment on the possibility of a fourth trial, but experts say the state could take the rare step of retrying Malinovskaya for a third time.

Student Murder Trial | Deliberations drag on to 'uncharted territory'

(11/07/07 5:00am)

WILMINGTON, Del. - The jury in the murder trial of Wharton undergraduate Irina Malinovskaya has still not reached a verdict, and attorneys familiar with the trial say the length of deliberations is unprecedented in Delaware murder cases. Today, the jury enters its tenth day of trying to determine the guilt or innocence of Malinovskaya, who is accused of bludgeoning Temple University graduate student Irina Zlotnikov to death in Dec.

U. to launch center for genetic ethics

(11/05/07 5:00am)

With genetics involved, there are always questions of ethics. Now, Penn has a place that intends to answer those questions. Last month, the School of Medicine received a $5.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund the new Center for Excellence in Ethical, Legal and Social Implications, one of two new centers that will examine questions surrounding genetic research.

Student Murder Trial | Jury fails to reach a verdict after first day of deliberations

(10/26/07 5:00am)

The future of Wharton undergraduate Irina Malinovskaya still hangs in the balance as the jury failed to reach a verdict yesterday. Malinovskaya is charged with the murder of Temple University graduate student Irina Zlotnikov, the girlfriend of the accused's former boyfriend, Robert Bondar.

Student Murder Trial: Defense wants 2nd-degree murder dropped

(10/24/07 5:00am)

The second-degree murder charge for Wharton undergraduate Irina Malinovskaya should be dropped, the defense argued yesterday, in light of the circumstances surrounding the 2004 bludgeoning of Temple University graduate student Irina Zlotnikov. Defense attorney Eugene Maurer brought a motion asking Judge James Vaughn to forbid the jury from considering the charge because the murder must have been premeditated, which would only leave first-degree murder as an option.

Student Murder Trial: 'Mentally, I was tormented'

(10/19/07 5:00am)

WILMINGTON, Del. - Wharton undergraduate Irina Malinovskaya was called to the stand by the defense yesterday, marking a pivotal juncture in a trial that has now lasted over a month. Malinovskaya is being tried a third time for the 2004 murder of Temple University graduate student Irina Zlotnikov, the then-girlfriend of Malinovskaya's ex-boyfriend Robert Bondar.