Penn Park

09/19/13 5:40pm
Most now credit the administrations of Judith Rodin and Amy Gutmann with planting the seed for Penn’s eastward expansion, but it was Sheldon Hackney, former colleagues say, who first had the idea to connect the University with Center City.
11/28/12 10:34pm
A recently released survey of the 2012 senior class is shedding light on topics ranging from student satisfaction with academics and social life to how much time students spend on schoolwork and at jobs.
04/23/12 9:57pm

Intramural sports at Penn see less participation than at peer schools

Only about 15 percent of Penn students participate in intramurals. The average participation rate for Penn’s 16 peer schools, which included Duke, Stanford, MIT and the rest of the Ivy League, was 31 percent.
02/01/12 11:19pm

Penn and Drexel work together at expansion

While both Drexel and Penn have big plans for the future, both institutions are working cooperatively — but independently — to develop West Philadelphia.
01/25/12 8:42pm
Not a single crime has yet to be reported at Penn Park. The 24-hour security and patrolling officers on cars, bicycles and electric three-wheeled T3 vehicles help keep the area safe. However, according to DPS, its surveillance system is no different from the one used on the rest of campus.
12/08/11 12:38am

Greening vacant lots lowers crime, study shows

Greening vacant spaces in Philadelphia has been found to reduce crime, according to Perelman School of Medicine research.
11/09/11 9:27pm
A seasonal air structure erected over Dunning-Cohen Champions Field in Penn Park will keep athletes warm this winter. The structure was less expensive than building an indoor sports facility.
10/27/11 12:05am
Starting Friday, students were no longer charged the $5 hourly fee to play recreational tennis at Penn Park’s outdoor Hamlin Tennis Courts. Following complaints from students, the Undergraduate Assembly worked with Penn Athletics and the Office of the President to remove the charges.