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Alec Ward | Don't

It’s a scene right out of a classic college film or a rose-tinted admissions propaganda leaflet — a group of college students lazing around a dorm room or lounge, late at night, arguing about politics, philosophy and the meaning of life. It probably figured, to some extent, in your high school visions of what Ivy League life would be like. I know it did in mine.

Emily Hoeven | To be or not to be proud

At the end of this past school year, my mom and I were talking about the ups and downs of my college experience when she asked, “Are you proud of the person you’ve become?” Although taken by surprise, my first instinct was to say yes. After all, I had finished two years of college, lived across the country from my family, survived several East Coast winters, taken stimulating courses with incredible professors and learned from and was challenged by the students around me.

Benjamin Zou | When inclusion excludes

US universities seem to believe that the right to consider race in college admissions, which they originally desired in order aid disadvantaged black applicants, now also allows them to set an enrollment cap on another US minority. 

Isabel Kim | "You're pretty white"

Calling someone “pretty white” isn’t a measure of race, but of how much of your ethnic culture and pop culture you do not identify with, and it’s a ridiculous conflation.

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