20 hours ago
BEN CLAAR is a College sophomore from Scarsdale, N.Y.
20 hours ago
It’s been more than two weeks since my last column. I have had ample time to think about a topic, to write a rough draft, to set aside a few hours to bang out seven hundred words or so.
20 hours ago
This past Sunday, I released my first ever episode of The Kiki Podcast Series on black excellence and self-love.
03/21/17 10:08pm
Just before spring break, I went to the Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks basketball game on a trip sponsored by my dorm.
03/21/17 10:06pm
If you know me you know that one thing keep me laughing every day: Twitter memes. The best part about this is that practically every month or week, a new meme dominates Twitter’s social feed.
03/21/17 9:13pm
BRAD HONG is a College freshman from Morristown, N.J.
03/21/17 8:14pm
Although The Daily Pennsylvanian is a Penn-focused publication, we are acutely aware that the forces which shape what becomes news here on campus, like springtime snowstorms which disrupt classes, often originate elsewhere.
03/20/17 11:12pm
BRYN FRIEDENBERG is a College junior from Kirtland, Ohio.
03/20/17 11:12pm
I am a Penn alumna, Penn parent, and Penn staff member. I was also a low-income student in the 1980s, which is why the recent story in the DP about the difficulty that some first-generation and low-income students have experienced during Spring Break caught my attention.
03/20/17 10:37pm
Today the word “radical” — sometimes spelled with a capital R — may inspire fear in the hearts of many.
03/19/17 10:12pm
CLAUDIA LI is a College junior from Santa Clara, Calif.
03/19/17 10:08pm
Obamacare is a disaster. This has become an unavoidable reality in recent years. In Michigan and Colorado, for instance, premiums are increasing at rates of 16.7% and 20%, respectively.
03/19/17 10:08pm
The primary aim of any large-scale government program is not to save money. Social Security does not aim to reduce the deficit.
03/15/17 8:58pm
BEN CLAAR is a College sophomore from Scarsdale, N.Y.
03/15/17 8:57pm
My friend says that “studying abroad is learning how to shame yourself.” I would like to amend that statement by saying, firstly, that I never needed to learn how to shame myself.
03/15/17 8:56pm
A cold wind rushes through the cabin as passengers bundle themselves up in whatever thick clothes and blankets they can find.
03/14/17 10:00pm
As faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania, we welcome efforts being made by GET-UP to unionize the graduate student workers (GSWs) in our university.
03/14/17 9:44pm
BRAD HONG is a College freshman from Morristown, N.J.
03/14/17 9:00pm
College campuses around the country have experienced a slew of violent protests against invited speakers, as students protest guests they deem unworthy and prevent them from sharing their views.
03/14/17 8:38pm
Recently, the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education conducted a survey to shine light on the growing demand for an expanded half-credit course system here at Penn.