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BRAD HONG is a College freshman from Morristown, N.J.
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As we all know, the presidential debates mark the tail end of the two-year-long campaign for president of the United States.  With the cicada-esque lifespan of the campaign coming to an end, television networks across the country reap record ratings by broadcasting these debates.  Some of you may still remember the debate from this past week, which drew 71 million viewers, and which represents the conclusion of the most-watched series of presidential debates in history.  But does “most-watched” mean “best?”  Based on the leading nature of that question, I think many of you would disagree.
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Communications are limited in the Monk class now: 100 spoken words per day, no social media, no contact beyond what is necessary for school or employment. It started out innocuously.
10/20/16 12:30am
Early last week, the University of Florida circulated a memo to its undergraduates, cautioning them not to wear offensive costumes on Halloween. The issuance of such statements has become something of an October tradition on many campuses, and kerfuffle of some kind nearly always attends.
10/20/16 12:29am
The other PC culture Electronic Device use in classrooms is hurting students Standing at the front of any given classroom on Penn’s campus, you will see students diligently typing, presumably taking notes on whatever important topic the professor is discussing.
10/20/16 12:29am
In the days following the publication of the article, in which the plans to euthanize the red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) at the BioPond were discussed, we heard from some thoughtful and concerned individuals who wanted to help us as we continued to search for alternative options for the turtles.
10/20/16 12:27am

Editorial | Hillary Clinton for President

In the spring, The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board endorsed candidates for the primaries from each party — John Kasich and Hillary Clinton.
10/19/16 12:13am
This weekend, I decided to never wear eye makeup again. Red lipstick: okay, because I like the way it makes me stand out, but eye makeup: no. What may seem like a rather non-drastic decision, means a life change for me.