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Joe Tharakan | Reflections on a year at Penn

As a junior transfer student, I have the unique perspective of having gone to Vassar College, a small liberal arts school which is in many ways the polar opposite of Penn.

The joke I like to tell about Vassar is that “It’s a small liberal arts school, which is very small, very liberal and very artsy.” The entire Vassar student body is the size of one year at Penn.

Alessandro van den Brink | Keeping it civil

Like those at most northeastern universities, many of Penn’s students are liberal. Because of this, I wasn’t surprised when I read an article in The Tab called “What it’s like being a Republican at Penn." The writer interviews a member of Penn College Republicans who details some of the abuse he’s received simply based on his political orientation, including a moment in which he wore a College Republicans tank and was told “I can’t believe you’re wearing that.”

The one part of the interview that seemed out of place and inaccurate, however, was when the anonymous Republican claims, “I believe conservatives are very tolerant of liberals while liberals are very intolerant of conservatives.” While the rest of the piece is a glowing endorsement of bipartisan thinking and respecting opposing viewpoints, this sentence simply throws across an unsubstantiated stereotype that really isn’t true.

Alec Ward | It's a shame

It’s been a tough week, and it’s only Wednesday. Everyone had too much end-of-semester work to enjoy the nice weather over the weekend, Donald Trump W’68 won the Pennsylvania primary, and the DOJ launched a ludicrous and unconstitutional attempt to criminalize academic open expression. 

If you, dear reader, read this column with any sort of regularity, you can likely guess that I could write angrily about any of these at length.

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