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The Gaza Solidarity Encampment was disbanded on May 10.

Credit: Anna Vazhaeparambil

We are members of Penn Faculty Against Antisemitism (PFAA) who write to express our concern about the recent events on our campus; namely, the increase in discord within our community. First, we would like to thank Interim Penn President Larry Jameson and the administration, Penn Police, Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker, and the Philadelphia Police Department for the effective, efficient, and professional clearing of the encampment to return our campus to a safe place for all students and faculty. 

Nobody wants our students to be harmed, and we do not wish to penalize anyone who is practicing their right to free expression. However, we are hopeful that the University will engage in a thorough and fair disciplinary process to ensure that students and faculty who are not adhering to the code of conduct face appropriate consequences for inciting hate and creating a threatening campus environment. This should apply to anyone fomenting hate and encouraging destruction of property. We recognize that many of these people are not students on this campus. We condemn any further escalation, especially by non-Penn agitators, and look forward to a safe and meaningful conclusion to the academic term, including long-awaited graduations, commencement, and class reunions. 

We welcome civil and respectful discussion. We advocate for the release of the hostages and elimination of Hamas and other organizations funded by terrorism as a critical goal to achieve in reaching an end to this war. We cannot move on as a community until we can come together as a community. The entire country is heartbroken that it has come to this with many of the college encampments, but the only way forward is to choose dialogue and understanding over hate. We are all working for a better present in hopes of creating a better future. Let us try to emerge from this experience with a renewed desire to talk and listen to one another rather than screaming across the divide.


Benjamin Abella, MD; Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM)

Lindsey Albenberg, DO; PSOM

Samuel Alperin, MD; PSOM 

Danielle Barber, MD, PhD; PSOM

Kara Bernstein, PhD; PSOM

Melissa Bleicher, MD; PSOM

Akiva Cohen, PhD; PSOM

Debbie Cohen, MD; PSOM

Gaia Coppock, MD; PSOM

Brian Englander, MD; PSOM

Joyce Epelboim, MD; PSOM

Belen Esparis, MD; PSOM

Rachel Hachen, MD, MPH; PSOM

Uri Hangorsky, DDS; Penn Dental Medicine (PDM)

Jessica Hilburg, DDS; PDM

Judith Kelsen, MD; PSOM

Sarah Lo, MD, MPH; PSOM

Dafna Ofer, MD; PSOM

Pam Pojomovsky McDonnell, MD; PSOM

Rebecca Seshasai, MD, MSHP; PSOM

Edna Schwab, MD; PSOM

Ari Weintraub, MD; PSOM

Matthew Weitzman, PhD; PSOM