The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with the newly elected Panhellenic Council president Jaclyn Rosenthal to discuss her plans for the upcoming semester.

Nursing junior Jaclyn Rosenthal was chosen as the newest Panhellenic Council president last Tuesday.

Rosenthal was the philanthropy chair and former Panhel delegate for Delta Delta Delta. She is an intern for the Jewish Heritage Program and a member of Student Nurses at Penn. She is on the women’s club soccer team and a peer advisor.

The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Rosenthal this weekend to learn more about her plans for the council in her upcoming term.

The Daily Pennsylvanian: What got you interested in the position as Panhellenic Council president?

Jaclyn Rosenthal: I was a Panhellenic delegate for Tri Delta last year and I worked in collaboration with members of the Panhellenic executive board. I realized the universal sense of appreciation each member had for their given sorority and as a team we were able to use this passion and determination to connect with our organizations.

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I thought about the numerous lives I would be able to impact as president of the organization. Tri Delta has played a huge role in my life here at Penn and not only do I want to give back to my own sorority, but I want to give back to the Greek community as a whole.

DP: What are your goals for your upcoming term?

JR: I really want to increase the communication among different sororities on campus. Within the chapters, members promote getting to know your own sisters, but getting to know the Greek community as a whole is sometimes overlooked. I want to promote a supportive, caring and compassionate Greek organization where all the sororities are working together and helping one another when necessary.

As a Panhellenic delegate, I was able to see the strengths and weaknesses and I’m excited to work with the new members of the board in strengthening our organization overall. I have a lot of ideas and I want to make events that are appealing to girls in the sororities.

I also want to work closely with the [Interfraternity Council] and [Multicultural Greek Council] to make this a successful year in the Greek community.

DP: Anything in particular that you’re excited about?

JR: I’m really excited to welcome Alpha Delta Pi sorority to our campus and work closely with the new chapter in getting them involved with the Greek community.

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DP: Are you familiar with your other council members?

JR: I know some of them, but I’m really excited to work with them. They’ve all shown leadership abilities in their own chapters. I think together as a team, we’ll be able to face the upcoming challenges that arise throughout the year.

DP: How do you plan to handle these challenges that may arise?

JR: I think it’s important that [the council] work as a team to overcome the challenges we’ll face. The Panhellenic Council is the largest women’s organization on campus. I think that the support and strength of our board will help overcome all the challenges.

DP: Do you have any last remarks?

JR: I just want to thank the Greek community for giving me this opportunity and I’m really excited to work with the new board to make this year successful.

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