Phi Sigma Kappa recruiters Ryan Budke and Joe Kern will stay at Penn for five weeks to recruit about 30 new members before they leave.

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Phi Sigma Kappa recruiters are looking for the “best of the best” in fraternity men and have turned to some sororities for help.

After receiving a full campus tour last week, PSK expansion recruitment coordinators Ryan Budke and Joe Kern and are now working to meet undergraduate men. Since their arrival, the recruiters have met with four sororities — Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Delta Delta and Sigma Kappa.

They asked women to describe what they like and dislike about current fraternity men on campus and describe their view of the “perfect” fraternity man. After they compiled a list, the sorority women were asked to scroll through their phones and recommend unaffiliated men that fit the criteria.

These names lists will serve as the springboard to set up phone calls and meetings, Budke said.

“Once we start building a core group of people,” he said, “we’ll start holding interest meetings and presentations.” The meetings will be held every Monday and Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. in Williams Hall.

Phi Sigma Kappa to recolonize at Penn

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has also given the recruiters office space and provided lists of transfer students and students who did not join or were unmatched to a fraternity last semester as potential new members.

The recruitment team will also take advantage of homecoming as a time to introduce interested men to alumni. The alumni club of Phi Sigma Kappa will organize a tailgate and potluck to establish a relationship with recruited men.

The first wave of individual meetings with interested men will begin to take place within the next week. Following these meetings, which will explain time and monetary commitments, Budke plans to start giving out invitations for bids for membership.

The recruiters plan to stay at Penn for five weeks, remaining on campus until Nov. 15. The team aims to have about 30 recruited members by the time they leave campus. Before leaving, a ritual of association will be held to formally colonize the group and the men will become associate members of the organization.

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These men will be educated on what they can be doing to work through development and will also have access to the names list to continue recruiting up until the spring semester. The colony will then participate in spring recruitment.

Currently, there are about 30 chapters under the Interfraternity Council already at Penn. Phi Sigma Kappa is one of two new chapters to come to campus this year — Alpha Sigma Phi is well underway in its colonization process. A new sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, is also in the midst of recolonizing.

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