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09/19/18 12:50am
The time is long overdue for Penn to divest from coal and tar sands companies.
04/23/17 10:11pm
On April 29th, as part of the People’s Climate Movement, over 100,000 people will gather to march in Washington DC to demonstrate widespread and overwhelming support for immediate and drastic climate action.
04/04/17 7:51pm
The University of Pennsylvania, claiming to value collaboration and logic, acted extremely hypocritically throughout the negotiations during the Fossil Free Penn sit-in.
03/29/16 11:27pm

Guest Column by Zach Rissman | Uncovering bias in Penn's important process

Penn’s process of deciding whether or not to divest from fossil fuels is biased. We will start by giving a quick update on our campaign.
09/24/15 1:18am
The pope is coming to Philadelphia this weekend. Some may opt to hide from the crowds inside the corner of their dorm room.
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