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05/02/18 12:51am
Gondak is starting the 75 day-long trip just two weeks after graduation with the Phi non-profit Bike & Build, which organizes five annual trips to help address America’s affordable housing issues.
04/20/18 6:22pm
She joins individuals like South Korean President Moon Jae-in, CEO of Apple Tim Cook, and the student leaders of the March for Our Lives movement on the list. 
04/15/18 6:54pm
Started just a few weeks ago, the group has already shared profiles of Penn students interested in hiking, scuba diving, and video editing.
03/27/18 10:14pm
Under the proposal, technical majors like finance and chemical engineering would expand at the expense of several liberal arts majors including English and history. 
03/24/18 8:00am
The Grave Gardeners have been working with the greenhouse since February to grow historically-accurate plants for the various graves.
02/24/18 8:09pm
The 2018 Grad Ben Talks featured presentations from graduate students in Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Professional Master’s programs. 
02/11/18 11:55pm
Philip J. Deloria is currently teaching a graduate seminar on Native American historiography, and will begin teaching an undergraduate introductory course on Native American studies next semester. 
02/07/18 8:00am
The research found that 82 percent of violent incidents examined occurred during the dating period of an intimate relationship. 
01/21/18 6:53pm
On Penn's campus, the result of the increase in burst pipes and flooding has been an increase in administrative support and resources. 
01/21/18 6:07pm
The contest, part of the Penn Museum’s 37th annual Chinese New Year Celebration, requires Instagram entries to include their dog's name and a New Year's resolution for their pet.
01/08/18 1:07pm
After controlling for sociodemographic differences, they found that eating fish may lead to less disturbed sleep. This would, in turn, lead to better cognitive functioning.
12/10/17 8:11pm
These eight Penn students raised over $5,000 for the Children’s Literacy Initiative as part of the inaugural Glass Jar Fellowship. 
11/07/17 10:15pm
“People don’t consider that refugees had a full and vibrant life before they became refugees. This experience of being a refugee isn’t all that they are. They’re so much more than that.”
10/30/17 8:47pm
The Penn Undergraduate Media and Entertainment Club and the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi are co-organizing Media & Entertainment Week. 
10/20/17 11:10pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann has previously called the end of DACA, which protects a number of Penn students, “heartbreaking." 
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