Articles by Yomi Abdi

04/10/24 11:51pm
Opinion Editor Yomi Abdi introduces DP Opinion's spring 2024 columnists.
08/21/23 10:34pm
Columnists at The Daily Pennsylvanian and Penn community members alike have shared their thoughts, reactions, and insights on the Supreme Court's decision to forbid race-conscious admissions in higher education.
11/02/22 2:24am
Columnist Yomi Abdi argues why Penn students should ditch the trend of quiet quitting. 
04/10/22 10:00pm
Columnist Yomi Abdi discusses The Daily Pennsylvanian's exclusionary history and ongoing diversity efforts, through her own experiences and those of former Black opinion columnists. 
02/03/22 6:24pm
Columnist Yomi Abdi explains how Amy Wax's recent racist remarks highlight the broader issue of racism in academia. 
11/18/21 9:37pm
Columnist Yomi Abdi argues that Penn students need to stop talking about "Penn Face" and instead give it a new name and new passion to change.
11/07/21 7:00pm
Columnist Yomi Abdi argues that Penn needs a more unified approach to PennOpen Pass, else they should get rid of it.
10/12/21 10:33am
Columnist Yomi Abdi writes about the racialized nature of Penn’s party scene and how it leaves people of color out.
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