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09/19/14 2:53am
Check out photos from yesterday's dollar stroll
08/28/14 6:04pm
Students gathered on Locust Walk today to learn more about Penn's over 250 student clubs and organizations at the SAC Fall Activities Fair. 
08/26/14 11:50pm
Amy Gutmann officially welcomed the Class of 2018 and transfer students to Penn at Convocation, which was held on College Green this year.
08/26/14 11:13pm
A look back at the weekend of New Student Orientation of the Class of 2018
02/14/14 12:34am
04/23/13 12:06am

Penn sponsors Philly Tech Week for the first time

Philly Tech Week 2013 kicked off in grand fashion with the largest game of Pong on the planet last Friday.
04/21/13 11:26pm
While hundreds of students walked by with their hands glued to their phones Saturday, others chose to [dis]connect for a picnic with their friends on College Green.
04/19/13 12:21am

Penn partners with Philadelphia Science Festival

Over 25 different booths fed the curiosity of people with beer, ice cream, liquid nitrogen-dipped marshmallows and a healthy dose of science at the sold-out Philadelphia Science Festival kick-off party yesterday night.
04/17/13 11:22pm

Inventors gather at final PennVention competition

The fair, held Wednesday night, was the final stage of PennVention, a student-run program that provides students with “access to business and technical mentoring, and specialized workshops.”
04/14/13 7:53pm

Penn Summer Online language courses face low enrollment

Despite the current relatively low enrollment numbers, program coordinators remain optimistic about the summer courses.
04/09/13 10:23pm

Class of 2017 takes creative Facebook initiative

With a new magazine on the way and plans to meet up during Preview Days, the Penn Class of 2017 Facebook page is abuzz with excitement.
04/09/13 6:47pm
As College senior Ashley Bernard approached the front door of Capogiro, Wharton senior Ankit Shah enveloped her in a hug.
04/08/13 10:20pm

Despite potential problem with user settings, Wharton continues to use cloud-based backup

Although the Amazon backup system Wharton uses could have leakages related to user-indicated settings, the school claims its precautions will prevent any issues.
04/01/13 8:56pm

U.S. patent system undergoes major change

The United States patent system is undergoing a major change, harmonizing with the existing systems of most other countries.
03/26/13 9:41pm
DRL is coming soon to a location near you.
03/24/13 11:38pm
Engineering senior Ayaka Nonaka has built two iPhone apps — one for the weather and one to-do list — for fun in the past month. As a computer science major, a teacher for the half-credit course Computer Science 195 and one of the organizers of PennApps, Nonaka has had extensive experience in programming but wanted to use these projects as “an exercise in programming, design and product development.”
03/19/13 9:02pm
On March 15, CEO of Lore and former University of Pennsylvania student Joseph Cohen announced that e-learning platform Lore has been acquired by another startup site,
03/18/13 10:02pm

Penn's mobile-friendly sites earn recognition

Students can now use their phones to do anything from checking their grades to checking out a book.
03/11/13 10:36pm

Some PennApps prizewinning teams continue to develop their apps

Although the frenzy of the PennApps hackathon ended two months ago, several of the prizewinning teams are still developing their apps.
02/28/13 12:02am
For people wondering why “Gangnam Style,” greek yoghurt and Rebecca Black’s songs became popular, Jonah Berger might have the answer.
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