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04/18/23 10:56pm
WAVe won $1000 and first place recognition.
04/12/23 8:49pm
Students will be able to book these rooms through Penn Mobile and LibCal in the near future.
03/21/23 10:00pm
In addition to turning a reddish hue, the pond was encircled by caution tape wrapped around the surrounding trees.
03/20/23 10:14pm
The team is ranked tenth nationally and travels to Round Rock, Texas for nationals in mid-April.
03/17/23 12:54am
Penn Student Agencies is a student-run organization that manages multiple business ventures serving the student population.
02/15/23 9:56pm
Economics majors are no longer required to take MATH 1400: "Calculus I" and MATH 1410: "Calculus II."
02/06/23 11:29pm
Penn allocates approximately 950 spots for on-campus housing to rising juniors and seniors. 
01/26/23 8:32pm
The a capella group removed auditions during the fall semester as a requirement to join, meaning that all singers, from beginners to competitive vocalists, are able to join.
10/17/22 1:27am
The researchers discovered that most tweets had a right-leaning spin and that posts with conservative sources received more engagement than those with liberal sources.
10/12/22 8:50pm
Penn Barbell Club has recruited a group of junior and senior powerlifters to mentor younger students on healthy and safe lifting practices.
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