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09/25/22 11:24pm
The students conducted research to gain a deeper understanding of the roles of the cancer care partners by focusing on their identities, such as gender and race.
09/13/22 11:29pm
The chewing gum, designed by the School of Dental Medicine researcher Henry Daniell, has the ability to block the transmission of COVID-19.
08/03/22 11:56pm
The vaccine is currently being administered to those either in contact with people who have monkeypox or who have been identified as at risk of the virus.
06/30/22 12:30am
The new policy, which replaces student loans with increases scholarship grants, took effect on June 23.
06/07/22 12:00am
The global outbreak, first detected in a British citizen, currently numbers 1,088 cases across 29 countries. In the United States, 35 cases of the disease have been confirmed.
05/31/22 11:29pm
Launched in 2008, the PASS program is designed to increase the number of physicians from groups underrepresented in medicine.  
04/20/22 12:34am
Wolf also plans to give $1.25 billion to all 500 districts to distribute equal funding to Pennsylvania's most struggling school districts.
04/13/22 2:37am
College juniors Allison Chou and Andrew Sontag and Engineering juniors Laila Barakat Norford, Shriya Karam, and Joshua Chen are among the chosen 417 students.
04/07/22 8:04pm
First started in 2019 and expanded in 2020, the 2022 Phase II street sweeping program will take place in 14 neighborhoods, including West Philadelphia.
03/28/22 12:51am
Nakamitsu and O’Keefe’s event focused on three main aspects of the space age: space debris, space technology and development, and power competition in space.
02/23/22 12:09am
The Howard Marks Endowed Professorship is awarded with the purpose of encouraging and supporting those like Kessler to explore an intersection of business and behavior in the industry sector and apply the results to society.
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