Articles by William Zhang & Jason Choi

04/08/14 10:31pm

William Zhang and Jason Choi | Slacking for social change

Social media sites have been flooded by "pray for MH 370" messages ever since the unresolved disappearance of the airplane and its 227 passengers.
03/03/14 11:39pm

William Zhang & Jason Choi | From the outside looking in

Because only when an issue no longer remains taboo, and when a community is willing to approach and accept the foreign and unfamiliar, can true dialogue and harmony exist.
02/19/14 11:16pm

William Zhang and Jason Choi | Fitting in, branching out

In reflection, even seemingly inconsequential and superficial differences, such as the fact that the word “football” is somewhat of a misnomer in the United States (it should really be called something along the lines of “hand-egg”), that Americans don’t study “maths” (a red squiggly line just appeared under the word as I write)  or that the only affordable and edible Chinese food on campus  comes from food trucks (try Yue Kee), have a much greater psychological impact.
02/12/14 12:04am
While there’s often stigma attached to OCR and the mass migration of Wharton students toward the financial industry, I doubt many would criticize the fact that Penn is home to the East Coast’s biggest Hackathon “PennApps” and possesses a rich culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that has given rise to the likes of Venmo and Warby Parker.
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