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12/09/13 5:32pm
The gift of more than 1,300 books came from Shirley and Marilyn Luber, wife and daughter of the late 1940 Wharton graduate and renowned Philadelphia art collector Gilbert Luber.
12/02/13 6:25pm

New organization promotes healthy body image

The organization will be a community support system that offers regular discussion groups open to the public.
12/01/13 8:02pm

SLAP petitions Penn to better workplace safety

SLAP’s petition to allow labor unions in factories that produce collegiate apparel to legally address health and safety concerns.
11/25/13 6:51pm

History of Science Society awards Penn prof for his book

John Tresch, professor of the history and sociology of science, was recently awarded the 2013 Pfizer Award for Best Scholarly Book from the History of Science Society.
11/20/13 6:45pm

Penn organizations send relief to typhoon victims

After Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, organizations such as the Center for High Impact Philanthropy and the Penn Philippine Association are planning relief efforts.
11/05/13 6:44pm

VIPER program sees success, looks to expand

The Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research is a dual-degree program between Engineering and the College. Despite being a new program, there were no major problems in the 2012 pilot program.
10/23/13 6:32pm
Assistant professor at Penn Medicine, Baligh Yehia began research in March 2013 based on his own experiences treating HIV patients from different providers.
10/17/13 7:06pm
Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding recognizing a partnership with an organization that works with dairy companies to improve the industry.
10/16/13 4:11pm

Penn graduate students advocate for disability education

Two Social Policy & Practice students created the Disability Student Interest Group to work to incorporate disability education into their curriculum.
10/13/13 6:33pm
The research can be applied to create emergency shelters that fold flat.
10/02/13 7:28pm
2013 grad and former addict Devin Reaves is opening the Brotherly Love House, which will emphasize career placement and community service, despite local opposition.
09/30/13 7:18pm

Voices of Penn captures individuals' stories

The online venture is connected with the upcoming TEDxPenn conference that will be held on campus on Nov. 2.
09/26/13 7:03pm
Baligh Yehia was recently invited to the White House Briefing on Obamacare and the LGBT Community conference.
09/22/13 11:56pm
Earlier this month, the University announced the winners of the Excellence through Diversity Fund proposal program for Penn faculty. The DP took a look at four of these projects.
09/16/13 2:32pm
Every student in Wharton received an email requesting nominations for the school’s to members of the committee directly or to a confidential email address.
09/12/13 6:11pm
This year, the competition will also have a mental wellness focus.
09/08/13 8:34pm
The all-girls team aimed to create a more aesthetically pleasing way to view events and read fliers.
03/28/13 8:07pm
Living in a concrete jungle like Penn’s campus, it can be easy to imagine the vast, uncharted, natural world with a distant passivity.
02/21/13 12:21am
Though the Vagina Monologues have come and gone, students are working to make sure its message is here to stay.
01/29/13 11:53pm
Bringing a widespread trend to campus, the Kelly Writers House hosted their second annual Edible Books Party last night. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, students recreated popular literary titles using food and their imaginations, filling the dining room table with anything from ketchup on rye bread to “Steve Cobs” — a portrait of the late Apple founder composed mostly of corn.
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