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07/26/17 10:27am
For some students, the name changes mask a policy that does not appear to have been enforced consistently or explained entirely accurately by financial aid officers.
05/06/17 4:33pm
Mad Mex joins a long list of stores in University City that have been closed due to health violations. Chipotle briefly closed down earlier this year, while Capogiro, Bobby's Burger Palace and Harvest were also ordered to cease operations last year by the Department of Public Health.
01/07/17 12:39pm
Philly Voice reported that a man died in North Philadelphia while trying to jump onto to a SEPTA train early Saturday morning.
01/06/17 11:01pm
In her editorial, Gasman said she was asked at a conference about the lack of faculty of color at elite institutions and replied, "'The reason we don’t have more faculty of color among college faculty is that we don’t want them. We simply don’t want them.'"
05/25/16 10:29pm
A fraternity listserv email thread containing racial and homophobic slurs prompted a member to leave the organization at the end of the spring semester.
05/13/16 1:20am
An apparent computer glitch may have affected around 100 rooms.
04/18/16 2:11am
Our reporter shadowed SPEC through the day, witnessing the lead-up to Chance the Rapper.
04/18/16 1:50am
This past Friday, concert headliner Chance the Rapper almost cancelled his performance due to illness.
04/14/16 2:36am
Penn students tickets were reduced from $40 to $25, while other university students with a .edu email can now buy Fling tickets for $40 instead of the original $55.
04/06/16 1:44am
LPS students often have already faced a difficult journey just to get to Penn, but financial aid policies and curriculum constraints often present additional challenges upon arrival.
03/29/16 2:10am
Riepe College House had its affiliation with Penn revoked this past weekend and will move off campus next semester.
01/28/16 2:04am
When College seniors Sophia Hu and Connor McLaren first stepped onto Locust Walk four years ago, they were the first signing Deaf students to enter Penn in over 15 years.
01/21/16 2:18am
The recruitment process for OAX started in the fall, unlike other sororities on campus.
12/06/15 11:54pm
Faculty and administration will display Penn Wellness Partner stickers on office doors and windows to signal that they are knowledgeable and willing to assist students.
12/02/15 1:31am
As high school graduation approached, College sophomore Shelby Barlow was one of the few students in her small Mississippi town getting ready to leave the state. Many of her high school classmates from Long Beach, Mississippi had recently enlisted in the military.
11/12/15 1:38am
The UA said that RAs and GAs were selected as a focal point of the initiative because they could provide a “safe space for conversation."
11/09/15 10:49pm
The lawsuit stems from the now discredited “A Rape on Campus” article published in 2014 and written by 1994 College graduate Sabrina Rubin Erdely.
11/03/15 11:39pm
College junior Jeremy Cohen will lead the Student Activities Council until next October
11/02/15 9:17pm
Historically, Penn had a similar program, Dean of Admissions Eric Furda said. But reviving the program does not seem to be a priority.
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