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04/06/22 10:04pm
Columnists Valerie Wang & Varun Saraswathula argue that Penn's treatment of Mackenzie Fierceton should remind students that our relationship with the university is more transactional than we might think.
03/06/21 1:56pm
In this week's opart, the opinion section takes a look at some other things that are 50-50 at Penn.
02/15/21 10:01pm
Penn announced Tuesday that it would require all sophomores from the Class of 2024 onward to purchase a dining plan in addition to living in on-campus housing. Ostensibly an attempt to encourage community building, many see it as something else.
02/12/21 11:42am
After months of changed plans and doubts raised, Penn stands on the precipice of a major campus COVID-19 outbreak. But instead of blaming the students, the University must hold itself accountable for changing standards and implementing half-baked policies that were supposed to keep our campus safe.
10/26/20 10:15pm
By no means am I one to tell you not to follow your moral values, but just understand the repercussions of your actions: if not for yourself, then for your friends, family, and the future of our country. 
10/08/20 6:47pm
Re-opening campus, even in a hybrid format,, will undoubtedly be challenging, but for the sake of the emotional and educational quality of the students, it is a challenge Penn should be willing to face.
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