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10/29/19 7:03pm
I strongly believe this message to be universal. No matter what your circumstances, finding something about them to laugh at can lighten the load at least a little. And often, that makes all the difference.
10/01/19 5:27pm
It is time to take a stand and demand better from those for whom we will dedicate the majority of our waking hours.
04/22/19 12:35pm
We could live incredibly sustainable lives. But we don’t.
04/01/19 12:14am
So, instead of trying to make the most out of Penn, just try to make it through. That is an accomplishment in itself.
02/19/19 9:53pm
At the root of this anguish is Penn’s system for course registration. 
04/26/17 11:34pm
Finals season can be overwhelming. Here are some convenient places on campus for students to take a break — and maybe some comfort food. 
04/06/17 12:42am
Brianna Wronko started Group K to work further on an innovative diagnostic tool she created as her bioengineering senior design project.
03/31/17 4:20pm
In August 2016 the NLRB ruled that all private university graduate students could be classified as employees and had the right to unionize. 
03/19/17 8:40pm
Some crimes are less visible than others, and the Students Against Human Trafficking club at Penn is determined to end one of the most insidious.
02/15/17 10:54pm
Wharton senior and 2016 participant Kevin Park said he had an idea for a social impact venture going into the program but, after workshops and discussions with mentors during the trip, he realized his idea was "not feasible."
02/08/17 3:19pm
The $30 million, however, represented only one percent of Penn’s $3.18 billion Academic Operating Budget in the 2015 fiscal year. A budget presentation released by Wolf also showed that Penn receives more state appropriations than a number of similarly-sized private universities.
12/05/16 2:51pm
Many students criticized the choice of another white male colonial figure as the namesake for a residential college. 
11/17/16 3:37pm
According to the Yale Daily News, two unions of blue-collar workers at Yale demonstrated Wednesday night after a meeting.
11/05/16 1:49pm
One student began his speech by noting, "Obama is really cool."
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