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02/26/08 5:00am
Gong Xi Fa Cai! That's Happy Chinese New Year, to you. The Year of the Rat - also known as the Chinese year 4706 - began on Feb. 7, and residents of Chinatown in Philadelphia spent two weeks ringing in the new year in style. Chinese New Year is the most important of traditional Chinese holidays and is accompanied by parades, feasts and family reunions.
10/31/07 5:00am

City Tavern: Bring on ye tasty, traditional food

Originally opened in 1773, City Tavern has proudly upheld the time-honored techniques of 18th century American chefs. Every dish offered on their menu has a unique story behind it. My guest and I began to order our appetizers and our server came to life from being a formal colonial servant to animatedly telling us the story behind each dish: How W.
02/20/07 5:00am

This fusion is better than mac & cheese

The artistic morsels at Gayle fuse exotic tastes with a playful sense of humor. Throughout the experience, chef Daniel Stern takes great pains to make the meal memorable. Tucked away just off of South Street, Gayle offers quality homemade cuisine that will stir the Oliver Twist question within: "Please miss, may I have some more?" After arriving at the restaurant my guest and I were shown to one of the two window tables.
02/20/07 5:00am

Food to ignite the latin in Americans

Cuba is a country of color, Castro and cigars. The better two of these three are represented at Cuba Libre restaurant. Enter Cuba Libre on any weekend night and you will find a bustling crowd clamoring to get a table. I would recommend reservations, unless you desire to wait for a few hours before eating.
11/28/06 5:00am

Microsoft or Google? Students' pick under wraps

A student committee has chosen either Google or Microsoft to serve as the new host for Penn Webmail - but they're not saying which one. The students on the Computing Advisory Board are keeping mum because their decision has yet to clear with University administrators.
11/16/06 5:00am

Scandalous pics online? No worries, service says

If you're afraid drunken Facebook photos and scandalous YouTube footage will scare employers away, here's a site that says it will come to your rescue., co-founded in the spring by 2004 Penn alumnus Ross Chanin, is an online service that searches the Internet for references to its clients.
11/14/06 5:00am
Abbie Feinberg (white shirt) and other members of the Amorphous Jugglers practice their fire- juggling techniques on College Green near Van Pelt Library on Saturday.
11/10/06 5:00am

Officials: No verdict on who will run Webmail

University officials still haven't decided which company, Microsoft Corp. or Google Inc., will replace Penn's current Webmail service. Officials said earlier this year that they would select a company to host all undergraduate e-mail accounts by about this time, at the latest.
11/03/06 5:00am
Did you sleep with someone you shouldn't have last weekend? For people who are worried about sexually transmitted diseases, a new service called offers a confidential online testing service, though it comes with a hefty price tag, and some aren't sure that it's a real substitute for more standard ways of getting tested.
10/26/06 5:00am
Philadelphia's three Tower Records stores will soon shut down due to lack of revenue, but students say they won't notice the absence of the once-landmark stores. Tower Records stores across the country, about 100 locations listed on the chain's Web site, are closing due to bankruptcy, a probable byproduct, experts say, of increased online music sales.
10/18/06 5:00am

SAS Webmail crashes for 2nd time this year, cause unclear

Smack in the middle of midterms and job recruitment season, School of Arts and Sciences Webmail crashed yesterday. Webmail went down in the late afternoon and appeared to have come back online in the early morning hours today. Officials have not yet disclosed the problem that led to the downtime.
10/18/06 5:00am

YouTube supporters fear changes for site

College sophomore Dean Tye can be seen on the Internet, engaging in a "dance-off" with street performers in New York. Tye is one a large number of students and millions across the country who use, a video-sharing Web site - but its recent purchase by Google Inc.
10/04/06 5:00am
If you've been walking around the city during the past 11 days, you may end up seeing yourself on the silver screen in March. Shooter, a new film by Paramount Pictures, finished filming in Philadelphia yesterday. Several scenes were shot in Penn's backyard.
10/03/06 5:00am

Faces of the Italian Market

Click the thumbnail for a larger image. Re-sizing may be necessary.
10/02/06 5:00am

Outsourced e-mail gets mixed bag of reviews

Outsourcing school e-mail can be a great move, but be careful how you do it, say students and officials at schools that have made the switch. Penn has announced that in January it will begin a switch to an e-mail system managed by Google or Microsoft. Officials say the goal is to avoid the cost of performing in-house upgrades, and any outside service would be free to Penn.
09/18/06 5:00am

News Brief: Penn gets $3.5M nanotech grant

Pennsylvania has given $3.5 million to an organization that includes Penn for nanotechnology research. The grant is part of $11.1 million given to various institutions across the state for research in nanotechnology, the creation and study of devices between 1 and 100 nanometers in size.
09/15/06 5:00am

This weekend: Visit the Masonic Temple

Tabard and Owls not secret enough for you? Check out an ancient enclave of the famous Freemasons at the Grand Masonic Lodge Temple in Philadelphia. Located across the street from City Hall at 1 North Broad St., the temple is one of three of its size in the world, said Andrew Zellers-Frederick, executive director of the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania
09/12/06 5:00am

Webmail successor may reap rewards

Penn students may be excited to be upgrading from Webmail, but experts say the companies battling to replace it have just as much to gain.
09/11/06 5:00am

Microsoft, Google vie to oust Webmail

Come January, students will have the option to switch from Penn's traditional e-mail service to something that looks more like Gmail or Microsoft's Windows Live Mail. Officials are planning to replace the University's e-mail server with a new host from either Google Inc.
09/06/06 5:00am

SAS Webmail has first fall crash

The School of Arts and Sciences' Webmail has experienced its first technical hiccup of the semester, though New Student Orientation festivities may have caused students to overlook the glitch. SAS Webmail regularly runs updates from its software company, Sun Microsystems Inc.
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