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04/23/12 9:40pm

UA appoints new committee directors

The body elected College junior and UA Representative Jon Monfred, Engineering junior and UA Representative Matt Rosenberg, and College and Nursing junior and UA Representative Spencer Stubbs to the University Council.
04/23/12 9:10pm
Oppenheimer, who formerly served as the executive secretary of SPEC, sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian to discuss some of his goals for the year ahead.
04/23/12 7:24pm
The avant-garde fusion dance group, which was formed in 1997, is eclectic in every sense of the word. VIDEO: Strictly Funk Master Classes
04/19/12 9:59pm
Miller, who formerly served as the vice chair for nominations of the NEC, sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian to discuss some of his goals for the year ahead.
04/15/12 11:15pm
Good weather and continued traditions around campus helped students celebrate Spring Fling 2012. VIDEO: Spring Fling in the QuadGALLERY: Spring Fling 2012MORE SPRING FLING 2012
04/11/12 10:38pm
With the upcoming appearance of Tiësto and electro-pop group Passion Pit at Friday’s Fling concert, AOD, the Drug and Alcohol Resource Team, FlingSafe and the Medical Emergency Response Team are preparing for a potential increase in the use of Molly. FLING SERIES: Part 1 FLING SERIES: Part 2
04/08/12 11:43pm

Optimism highlights internal Undergraduate Assembly elections

Following internal elections Thursday night, the new executive board expresses a sense of youthful optimism about the year ahead.
03/30/12 10:55pm

Bernick edges Shuster by record 14 votes in UA Presidential election

Bernick, along with Abe Sutton, the new UA Vice President, were elected Friday night. Overall voter turnout this election cycle was 41 percent this year, a 3 percent decrease from last year. INTERACTIVE: UA and Class Board Election Results
03/30/12 5:18pm

Alcohol policy release postponed

The Undergraduate Assembly will not vote on a resolution supporting changes to Penn’s alcohol policy on Sunday, UA President and Engineering and Wharton senior Tyler Ernst announced Friday.
03/28/12 11:49pm

Student government elections seeing lower voter turnout

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, the undergraduate voter turnout was 28 percent. By comparison, at the same time last year, the turnout was 31 percent. VIDEO: Final Debate EDITORIAL: The DP EndorsementsThe DP UA Elections CenterThe DP Class Board Elections Center
03/26/12 11:38pm

UA to vote on alcohol policy revisions Sunday

The Undergraduate Assembly will suspend its regular parliamentary procedure this coming Sunday in order to vote on a resolution supporting changes to Penn’s alcohol policy.
03/26/12 12:56am
At The Daily Pennsylvanian’s annual UA debate, the two presidential candidates and the three vice presidential candidates gathered in the Philomathean Halls to discuss the issues of student government. VIDEO: Final Debate VIDEO: Diversity DebateEDITORIAL: The Daily Pennsylvanian EndorsementsThe Daily Pennsylvanian UA Elections Center
03/19/12 9:20pm

UA launches pilot of tech service, discusses creation of new minor

Next week’s meeting, March 25, is the last general body meeting in which business, committee reports and resolutions will be discussed. The 2011-12 UA leadership will have its last meeting on April 1.
03/19/12 7:26pm
College sophomore Dan Bernick and College junior Jake Shuster share their platforms and qualifications with The Daily Pennsylvanian.
03/15/12 12:15am
The Social Planning and Events Committee announced on March 15 that DJ Tiësto will headline this year’s Spring Fling concert.
03/14/12 9:06am
Passion Pit will open the 2012 Spring Fling concert. The Social Planning and Events Committee announced their choice today via the website
03/12/12 9:19pm
The Lambda Alliance and Undergraduate Assembly have gained another victory in the fight to improve gender non-specificity on campus.
03/12/12 8:20pm

Students pursue social good through new Wharton program

Having landed an investment banking internship with RBC Capital Markets the summer after her junior year, Wharton senior Lauren Cuzzaniti was, by traditional standards, on track to start a promising financial career. The only problem? She hated it.
02/27/12 11:48pm

UA unanimously passes proposed budget

For next year, the UA will receive more than $2 million from the Board of Trustees, a 3.9 percent increase from the previous year. INTERACTIVE: UA Budget
02/21/12 12:47pm

Alcohol policy review committee looks to peer schools

Penn’s alcohol policy review committee has looked at peer schools’ policies in its revisions.
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