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03/09/15 10:00am
Students for Sensible Drug Policy will be organizing a harm-reduction policy speaker panel during Spring Fling.
03/04/15 1:14am
According to Penn’s policy on sexual and relationship violence and stalking, consent can be given nonverbally.
02/23/15 2:33am
Professors share experiences and opinions on the science.
02/17/15 10:22pm
The Fox family has donated over $33 million since 1999. 
02/01/15 11:01pm
AEPi's attempt to bring the nationally-recognized fraternity back on campus violates the University's policy, according to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
01/28/15 12:02am
In light of the “Charlie Hebdo” attack in Paris on Jan. 7, members of Penn comedy groups shared their perspective and methods on striking a balance between comedy and contention.
01/26/15 12:06am
Phi Delta Theta's Christmas card featuring a dark-skinned Beyoncé sex doll is far from the first or most provocative fraternity incident in past years.
01/25/15 10:08pm
A college junior returned to her room in Harnwell after Winter Break to discover that residential services had removed all of her belongings from her room. 
01/15/15 2:10am
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced on January 7 that a portion of the proceeds from sales of Josh Cellars wines at Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores will be donated to the cause of feeding the hungry in local communities.
11/24/14 4:17am

Catching Zzzs for MGMT

Few students at any competitive college will have reached this point in the semester without hearing the old adage — “studying, socializing, sleeping — choose two.” Recognizing that the third in the tricolon is often placed on the back-burner, PennSleeps was created to raise awareness of its importance. 
10/27/14 1:32am
College 2006 graduate Adam Weber, along with College 2007 graduate Jimmy Goldblum, co-produced and co-directed a documentary called “Tomorrow We Disappear,” which premiered last weekend. The film was inspired by Salman Rushdie’s novel "Midnight’s Children," written in 1981 about India’s transition from British Colonialism to independence to British partition.
09/29/14 2:38am

Warby Parker founder launches online classes taught by business experts

Jeff Raider, co-founder of Warby Parker, along with partner Andy Katz-Mayfield, launched H'University, pronounced "Hoo-niversity," last year. The program's purpose is “to teach college students valuable skills they wouldn’t learn in class and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the real world,” according to its website.  
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