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12/04/13 3:32pm
But I’ve been fed too many movies and stories where couples say to each other, “I can’t live without you,” or “I’d die without you.”
11/19/13 6:29pm
I think we overspend a lot of our money on food. Yes, a sandwich from Houston Market is convenient, but do we really need to be spending six or seven dollars on an uninspired meal every day?
10/22/13 11:22pm
Shouldn’t the point of classes be to learn the material, not learn to skim?
09/25/13 6:31pm
When I respond, saying that I am Tamil, many people have asked me, mostly jokingly, if I am a Tamil Tiger.
09/10/13 8:07pm
There is a large discrepancy between the medically accepted notions of healthy bodies and the images encouraged by popular culture, and I’m not the only one who’s been affected by it.
08/28/13 1:24am
Originally, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted from my time off, but now I realize that what I wanted was a renewed sense of hope and imagination. And I’m happy to say that I found that.
11/14/12 12:07am
I struggled to decide whether to leave Penn until it dawned on me that depression is a medical condition — so I’m entitled to medical leave.
10/23/12 10:49pm
Ask if you want to — don’t wait just because you’re a woman.
10/10/12 1:39am
Hinduism has been simplified to festivals like Holi which celebrates color and Diwali, the festival of lights.
09/25/12 11:56pm
The crime Mumia Abu-Jamal was accused of happened in Philadelphia and there are hundreds like him who have gone through similarly complex and unfair legal processes.
09/11/12 10:51pm
We rationalize away uncomfortable facts by thinking that if a lot of people think something is okay, then it must be okay.
02/16/11 3:35pm
Sexuality educator “Juicy Justine” weighed in on the importance of safe and well-thought-out sex at Kelly Writers House Wednesday evening.
11/11/10 2:29am
On Wednesday evening, Fox Leadership presented “Fixing School Food in America” featuring Janet Poppendieck, author of Free for All: Fixing School Food in America.
10/29/10 3:01am

Visiting scholar Derek Hicks speaks on the 'black embodied experience'

Derek Hicks, a professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary, presented on “The Splendor of Degraded Flesh: Black Embodied Experience and Religious Responses" Wednesday.
10/21/10 12:49am

Penn celebrates 'Love Your Body' Day

Thursday is the launch of “Love Your Body” Day, a two-day campaign to promote self-acceptance under the slogan of “breaking down stigmas and embracing ourselves.”
10/14/10 3:34am

Playwright Kaufman discusses role of theater in rekindling dialogue

Inaugural Platt House Theater Fellow Moises Kaufman discussed his award-winning play, The Laramie Project, at the Harold Prince Theater on Wednesday.
09/22/10 2:32am
Mayor Michael Nutter delivered an address on the Greenworks Philadelphia initiative to Professor Mark Hughes' "Sustainability in Action" class.
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