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02/06/24 9:50pm
HUP will be pursuing another appeal after their first attempt to reverse a $138 million medical malpractice verdict was struck down.
11/12/23 10:52pm
The Center’s projects include aiming to enhance vision assessments for at-risk groups and researching machine learning techniques for vision evaluation.
09/24/23 11:29pm
Brown visited the DP’s offices during a visit to campus where he lectured at Penn Medicine.
09/21/23 8:59pm
The free climbing wall will be available from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. on weekdays.
09/05/23 10:10pm
The National Institutes of Health are funding ten Maternal Health Research Centers of Excellence, along with a data innovation hub and an implementation science hub, to support research that aids in reducing pregnancy-related complications.
04/20/23 10:36pm
The fire started at around 9 a.m. on the first floor of Magee Hall on April 20. Students in Riepe and parts of Ware College House were forced to evacuate.
04/20/23 10:12pm
Barbara Lea-Kruger, the director of communications and external relations of Penn Business Services, said that there has been no policy change.
04/19/23 7:30pm
Penn Course Search is a search engine for the Penn course catalog powered by artificial intelligence and CramGPT is a chatbot which is trained on course notes and recordings. 
04/09/23 10:40pm
On April 5, the Philadelphia Office of Food Protection re-inspected Hill and recorded three points of concern regarding food safety violations.
03/24/23 12:22am
The meteorological season, marked approximately from late December to February, was the fifth warmest in Philadelphia history.
02/23/23 7:56pm
The event focused on elements of relationships including health, consent, and sex education, as well as traditional Valentine’s Day-related themes.
02/13/23 11:06pm
Karikó, a professor of neurosurgery at Penn, and Weissman, a Roberts Family Professor in Vaccine Research, are well-known for their research into messenger RNA.
01/26/23 9:47pm
Listen to the top headlines on Friday, Jan. 27 with our newsletter anchor.
01/26/23 9:34pm
Penn's Office of Student Affairs notified WQHS members earlier this week that they would temporarily lose their space. Since then, over 400 people have signed a petition created by the station asking for support. 
01/18/23 9:37pm
ChatGPT, which was developed by OpenAI, can complete tasks like writing essays or code and solving math problems.
12/08/22 3:08am
Although Penn may not have been senior swimmer Anna Kalandadze's first choice, now she can't imagine herself competing anywhere else.
12/06/22 10:45pm
Penn’s swim team put on a whale of a performance at the Zippy Invitational this weekend, with several swimmers setting record timings.
11/28/22 4:57am
The program partnered with Vaux Big Picture High School and Paul Robeson High School to amass a pilot cohort of 15 students.
11/10/22 1:44am
The JAMA Network Open study conducted by the Perelman School of Medicine observed that automatic texts sent to a post-hospitalized patient by their primary care offices significantly reduced the patient’s chances of needing further care.
11/06/22 10:28pm
From Knoxville, Tenn., Hamilton comes from a family of tennis players, with both his parents having played at the varsity level in college and his brother playing competitively.
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