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06/14/07 5:00am

Guest Columnist | Of heritage and homelands

After weeks of anticipation, I finally made it off the waiting list for a free Birthright Israel trip through Oranim: Let Israelis Show You Israel. I was excited for this incredible opportunity - my chance to explore the Jewish holy land, meet new people and inhale a vibrantly historic culture that still thrives today.
04/25/07 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Unleveling the playing field

When it comes to college admissions, high schools cannot regulate student choices in order to lessen competition.
03/22/07 5:00am

Tempers flare at liquor store zoning hearing

At a Philadelphia Zoning Board meeting yesterday, it was the prospect of alcohol that caused emotions to run high. About 80 West Philadelphia residents, mainly local Muslims affiliated with the Masjid Al-Jamia mosque, filled the zoning hearing to capacity, standing in firm opposition to the relocation of the liquor store on 41st and Market streets to 4237 Walnut St.
12/12/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | The early bird deserves the worm

Early-decision applicants have earned the boost they get during the admissions process.
12/04/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | It isn't worth trying to predict the future

New software claims to be able to help pick out future murderers, but it's got more drawbacks than advantages - and no Tom Cruise.
11/20/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Penn may be need blind, but not face-blind

University asks for photo with application to encourage diversity, but then claims photograph doesn't influence decision.
11/13/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | It's time to make performing arts a priority

Even with the Platt center, the growth of performing-arts groups at Penn has been stymied by a lack of facilities and resources.
11/06/06 5:00am
With college life such a great environment for diseases to spread, the University should be helping students get vaccinated.
10/30/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | OFSA shouldn't be releasing grades to fellow students

Currently, presidents and scholarship chairs of frats and sororities can receive students' grades - unless they opt out.
10/20/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Slap a label on that burrito

Just like grocery-aisle food, items from restaurants and vendors should come with nutritional information.
10/16/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Non-Wharton study rooms are there - just not open late

Keeping other study spaces, besides Huntsman Hall, open late will allow non-Wharton students the chance to study.
10/09/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Ditch the three-hour seminar

Holding classes that last for three hours degrades students' learning for the sake of convenience.
10/02/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Jews for Jesus: An affront to two religions

Nearly every morning this summer, I scrambled out of my Columbia University dorm room to squeeze through the swarming porthole at 116th and Broadway - the entrance to the 1 train. One morning in June, I saw a startling change in the subway-car decor: the once proverbial Budweiser ads had all but disappeared, only to be replaced by the gleaming propaganda of Jews for Jesus.
09/25/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Eagles and violence: a pair for life

I am a Giants fan - perhaps one of the most blasphemous comments to make in the city of Philadelphia. I grew up playing catch with my dad in suburban New Jersey streets, and most Sundays, I knelt in front of the television screaming "defense" to unhearing white-and-blue defensive linesmen.
09/18/06 5:00am

Sharon Udasin | Mental health deserves to be part of clinical fee

In a high-stress campus crawling with Type-A personalities, psychological concerns are bound to be rampant among students. The question is: To whom do we turn? Well, as we read in Wil Hershner's July 20 column, we are supposed to go to Penn's Counseling and Psychological Services.
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