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02/05/09 5:00am

Angel | Some fibs pass, but others linger

Let's be blunt: Glen Miller's line about Remy Cofield, the one Penn used to break the news that he was leaving, was contradicted by Cofield himself. Miller's statement read, in part: "Remy has been dealing with some ongoing family situations, and has reached a point where he feels it is in his best interests to spend more of his time focusing on them.
11/26/08 5:00am
When you're down by 25 at halftime, what ensues will inevitably be prettier than what you've just seen. Penn's 85-73 loss last night to Penn State was no exception. The Quakers took a 25-point deficit down to a 10-point one, and it could have been seven had Zack Rosen's open three not rimmed out.
11/17/08 5:00am
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Here is the story. Glen Miller took Penn to visit North Carolina, the creme de la creme of college hoops, and got within 10 points with under four minutes to play. Not too shabby. "Well, I mean, we're never pleased with a loss. And we made a lot of mental mistakes out there . " Miller is stingy; you almost have to pry a compliment from his mouth.
11/12/08 5:00am
Keiffer Garton may have arrived, but Robert Irvin is going nowhere. The senior has been plagued by a sore shoulder and a groin injury he picked up against Brown. But he's taking on a light workload in practice this week in the hopes of playing Saturday against Harvard.
10/31/08 5:00am
Raiam "Brazil" Santos leaned on a Franklin Field bleacher. He's happy. But excuse him, just on this one point. "The punter last year graduated. They were set on Kyle Olson, even though I was kicking better than him," he said. "They said, 'No, you're too raw.
10/20/08 5:00am

Angel | Signs of growth under Wilson

If there is a line between success and gimmickry, Norries Wilson is trying to wash it away with a splash of Diet Coke. On Saturday's evidence, the Columbia coach is succeeding. Columbia deserved better from this game. Penn's offense did nothing. None of the Quakers' three scoring drives were longer than 10 yards: They simply took advantage of slapstick, Benny Hill-esque mistakes Columbia made deep in its own territory.
09/22/08 5:00am
Villanova 20, Penn 14. There isn't much else to say that hasn't been said, because this is old news, old emotion, painful cliche, all of it. Penn Football has lost a game in overtime. Another one. Since 2006, the Quakers have played in 21 games, losing five of them in overtime and nine of them in the last few plays.
09/19/08 5:00am

Football Supplement | Olson's junior play might be the needed spark

A coach brings in Kyle Olson to inject life into a suspect passing game. That may not sound familiar to Penn fans, but it's old news to Tim Byrnes, head coach at Fullerton Junior College. Olson first donned the blue and white for the Hornets in August 2006.
09/18/08 5:00am

Ivy League Football Season Preview | Brown

On the first possession of its second game of 2007, Brown lost tailback Dereck Knight to a foot injury. He had run for 208 yards on Opening Day, but that misstep put Knight out of commission for the rest of the year. With him went any semblance of a running game.
09/11/08 5:00am
The verdict is in: Harvard, apparently, did not cheat. A statement released last week by the Ivy League batted back allegations of wrongdoing in a March New York Times article centering on the Crimson basketball team and coach Tommy Amaker. The Times article cited coaches past and present who alleged that Harvard's standards for admission had fallen under Amaker's reign.
09/09/08 5:00am

Angel | Ivy media poll needs clarity

Penn Football went 4-6 last year. It graduated a sort-of starting quarterback, its running back, fullback and two best wide receivers, plus three starting linemen. (This is just the offense.) And yet, somewhere between New Hampshire and New Jersey, someone out there knows how Penn can win the Ivy League.
04/28/08 5:00am
The girls from the high school relay team returned to their seats, pictures in hand. They had no idea who Jeremy Wariner was, but damn, was he hot! Wariner was the only runner at this year's Penn Relays to run 400 meters in under 44 seconds. He was also the only one to hold an autograph session, signing photos that bore his Adidas endorsement.
04/24/08 5:00am
Every year, there are pre-season workouts, and then there is the pre-season meeting. The captains and coaches of Penn men's swimming sit down and lay out the rules for the upcoming season. How many practices can you miss? Can you drink two or three days in advance of a meet? But 2006 was different.
04/23/08 5:00am
There are over 250 races at this year's Penn Relays, but you ought to focus on a two-foot pool of water. The crowd starts forming when they pour the first drop. It'll balloon into the thousands. (Get there early. There're only so many seats around a puddle.
04/22/08 5:00am

Sebastien Angel | For M. Tennis, a big job ahead

Jason Pinsky's team is 3-4 in the Ivy League. A losing record, for a change. But he was in the mood for introspection. "I've been doing this for three years now. That's what I've based my whole career on - being solid, winning matches. Creating a legacy, which I feel I've done.
04/21/08 5:00am

Lok-ed out of final match, Senior Day

Thanks to a disagreement with his coach, Joseph Lok's tennis career ended one match early. Lok skipped the match and the team's Senior Day ceremony in protest of coach Nik DeVore's decision to bench him. The California native says that because of an ankle injury, he struggles to cover the court in singles, while he is fit to play doubles.
03/27/08 5:00am
Jason Pinsky left no doubt about the importance of yesterday's No. 1 singles match against Saint John's Artem Vlasenko. He drove the message home on the very first point. A high-arcing Pinsky forehand sailed just a little longer than desired. Vlasenko let the ball bounce without a return, signaling that the ball landed out.
02/26/08 5:00am

M. Hoops Ivy Notebook | Harvard trying to get over a nailbiter curse

Since hiring Tommy Amaker, Harvard has improved in a few areas. Closing out games has not been one of them. Going into the weekend, Harvard was 1-9 in games decided by ten points or fewer. That one win came in November, and since then the Crimson (8-18 overall) have lost close games in the most criminal of ways.
02/25/08 5:00am

Angel | Quakers let go, loosen up, and win

HANOVER, N.H. I didn't see the Dartmouth scouting report, but I doubt Joe Gill's name was on it. The senior guard's participation is usually limited to a couple of dunks in warm-ups and the ritual "frisking" of the captain during the lineup introduction.
02/25/08 5:00am

Quakers shoot lights-out in Hanover romp

HANOVER, N.H. - They enjoyed it. Good thing, because it didn't last. On the eve of their Saturday clunker against Harvard, the Quakers went to Leede Arena with all the answers and walked away with an 88-62 rout of Dartmouth. And even if the Quakers hadn't shot a better percentage than the Big Green from the foul line and out-rebounded them by 20, they would have had little trouble.
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