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05/20/24 12:35am
Nick Spaventa's dominant performance in game two powered the Quakers' win
05/01/24 8:24pm
Gayle took home both Ivy League and Big Five Rookie of the Year.
04/25/24 3:34am
The critiques come in light of an allegedly insufficient response from Penn Athletics to verbal racism from members of the lightweight rowing team in fall 2023.
04/24/24 9:32pm
Here are three Quakers who will be donning the Red and Blue for the program next year
04/22/24 5:45am
Sources close to Penn women's rowing described a series of incidents during fall 2023, as well as their frustration with subsequent action by Penn Athletics.
04/01/24 6:00am
Also, Penn women's lacrosse defeated No. 1 Maryland in a major upset.
03/31/24 7:22pm
Senior Cam Rubin led the charge in the win with six goals.
03/28/24 8:29pm
One source suggested that team encountered issues because they were relaying their pitchers' velocity back to the dugout.
03/28/24 12:26am
Several Quakers expressed their feelings toward unionization in light of recent developments with Dartmouth men's basketball.
03/27/24 10:18am
In a non-contact open practice, the Red and Blue sharpened iron against iron as the offense and defense faced off.
03/24/24 7:40pm
Wyatt Henseler hits his tenth home run of the year to claim the sole spot atop the Ivy League standings.
03/18/24 10:04pm
After a tremendous effort against Princeton in Ivy Madness, the Quakers fell just short.
03/10/24 8:09pm
As Penn bid their seniors farewell, Princeton marched on as the Tigers claimed the Ivy League throne.
03/01/24 10:33pm
The star trio of Mataya Gayle, Stina Almqvist, and Jordan Obi dominate on a night where Obi is honored for 1,000 career points.
02/26/24 9:37pm
The Quakers fell 1-3 to Abilene Christian despite great performances from the team's freshmen.
02/24/24 9:30pm
Senior attacker Niki Miles and freshman attacker Catherine Berkery combined for eight goals.
02/07/24 6:53pm
Gayle’s historic start to her Penn career has brought a much needed bright spot to a middling season.
01/21/24 9:47pm
Despite solid games from Jordan Obi and Mataya Gayle, the Quakers faltered.
01/18/24 10:44pm
Freshman guard Mataya Gayle starts her collegiate career on a strong note with an avalanche of accolades.
01/15/24 9:16pm
An offensive surge in the third quarter put the Quakers ahead as Almqvist and Obi dominated.
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