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04/28/21 5:02am
Students who observe Ramadan are rediscovering elements of community as COVID-19 distancing restrictions continue to lift
04/25/21 11:57pm
The building will soon be known as the Biotech Commons and is set to feature new collaboration spaces, expanded study rooms, and a digital fabrication lab with 3D- and poster-printing capabilities.
04/21/21 10:24pm
Campus Health director Ashlee Halbritter expressed concerns over what Campus Health calls the "Romeo and Juliet Effect," an interconnected system that can put multiple students and their romantic partners at risk for COVID-19. 
03/19/21 2:40am
Penn students joined more than 100 Philadelphians in Chinatown on Wednesday evening to honor the victims of the fatal shootings that targeted Asian Americans in three Atlanta spas on March 16.
03/05/21 12:57am
A semester-long program, the Penn in Washington Program affords a cohort of about 25 students the opportunity to work part-time as interns in D.C., while also taking four course credits taught by Penn professors in Washington.
03/01/21 12:14am
After feeling left out of the University's COVID-19 decision making process, professors formed a new chapter of the American Association of University Professors in hopes of giving faculty members a greater voice on campus. 
02/25/21 9:35pm
Next year's cost of attendance will total $79,014. The increase is notably lower than the typical 3.9% annual tuition hike, a move Penn President Amy Gutmann said is intended to benefit families amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
02/16/21 2:25am
The arrival of many international first years on to campus this spring was filled with obstacles, as the closure of consulates abroad last year blocked students' ability to obtain a student visa necessary to enter the country. 
02/15/21 2:40am
Penn received a record increase in international applicants for the Class of 2025, even as international student enrollment in the United States saw a drastic decrease this year amid the pandemic. 
01/26/21 3:23am
Proclamations issued by the Trump administration last year have restricted the entry of certain travelers to the United States, forcing some Brazilian students to quarantine abroad before arriving on campus this semester.
01/21/21 1:47am
The letter was co-authored by University of York Ph.D. candidate Liz Quinlan, the speaker that Prof. Robert Schuyler engaged in a brief altercation with at the Society for Historical Archaeology conference before he used the Nazi phrase and salute.
11/29/20 11:09pm
BCFG, an initiative that focuses on large-scale studies with organizational partners, designed 22 distinct texting strategies that were tested on hundreds of thousands of Walmart pharmacy customers this past flu season. 
11/16/20 12:17am
Each of the conversations will examine racism and anti-racism from a different angle and will feature both Penn faculty and guest speakers.
11/03/20 5:18pm
Gonzales will hold joint appointments in the department of Sociology in the School of Arts and Sciences and in the Graduate School of Education.
10/28/20 12:17am
Since the pandemic began, the demand for menstrual hygiene products in Philadelphia's homeless shelters has increased.
10/06/20 11:41pm
Researchers assessed a computer-simulated driving exam that exposes new drivers to common crash scenarios and attempts to identify the skills they are lacking.
09/29/20 11:09pm
Pennsylvania joined six other states and the District of Columbia on Monday in requesting the halt.
08/08/20 11:15am
Rising College freshman, Iman Ezzeddine, recounts witnessing the explosion from her living room in Beirut.
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