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12/09/13 4:48pm

Penn study finds too many images hurt purchase intent

A recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that while images of products appeal to online shoppers, customers are likely to decide against a purchase if they are overwhelmed by too many images.
12/08/13 3:34pm

Newly elected UMC chair talks branching out their name

The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with the newly elected chair of the United Minorities Council.
12/03/13 6:45pm
The new co-chairs plan to increase knowledge in the African diaspora about CAPS, financial services and UMOJA’s overall purpose.
11/25/13 2:49pm
The Asian Pacific Student Coalition — the umbrella organization for Asian groups on campus — elected College junior Mithin Thomas last week as the new chair for 2014.
11/24/13 6:26pm
Last Thursday, College sophomore Diana Cabrera was elected the new chair of the Latino Coalition – the umbrella organization for Latino groups on campus.
11/21/13 9:49pm
The night will focus heavily on alumni and their experiences with UMC and involvement in fighting for minority rights both past and present.
11/17/13 8:55pm

LGBT taskforce works with cultural centers

Students will work with Makuu, PAACH and La Casa Latina to provide support for people of color through the cultural centers.
11/13/13 8:21pm
The new student group hopes to promote education and awareness for asexuals and foster a community open to all of Philadelphia.
11/13/13 5:42pm

Professors' study links reproductive morals to religiosity

A study done by two Penn psychology professors found that attitudes about sex are more predictive of religiosity than a person’s cooperative morals.
11/06/13 5:43pm
A group is hoping to permanently keep DS(3), a structure of metal fences outside of Fischer Fine Arts library, which has garnered student attention.
11/04/13 6:23pm
In May, a group of high school students, along with the help of Engineering without Borders, installed a water tank that would help them transport barrels of rainwater to the field of crops on their school farm.
10/30/13 8:39pm
Penn students have a long history working with Puentes de Salud, a health clinic which provides healthcare access for South Philadelphia’s growing Latino population.
10/27/13 1:38pm
On Saturday, Penn’s National Society of Black Engineers chapter “walked for education” in an effort to increase the number of black engineers who graduate from four-year institutions.
10/16/13 3:52pm
The department is holding a two-day multidisciplinary conference in celebration, which will include panel discussions and a documentary screening.
10/15/13 5:53pm

Year of Health to be theme of next academic year

The Year of Health theme for the 2014-2015 academic year coincides with the 250th anniversary of the Perelman School of Medicine. Plans for health theme have been in effect for about 3 years.
10/08/13 8:31pm
Harper and his team interviewed black and Latino male students and connected with the students on a personal level.
10/07/13 6:51pm
Novack, a 1986 Engineering graduate, is currently teaching “Film Sound: History, Aesthetics and Subversion,” one of the classes offered for this year’s theme, the Year of Sound.
10/06/13 8:05pm

Students create, sell custom made jeans

Black Box Denim, started by Wharton sophomores Adina Luo and Molly Liu, is a new initiative on Kickstarter to make it easier for people to find a pair of well-fitting jeans by ordering custom-made jeans online.
10/01/13 6:28pm
The company was last on Penn’s campus in late September for an informal information session for interested seniors.
09/25/13 6:53pm
The program, ACTION, teaches elementary school children about Spanish language and culture once a week.
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