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04/19/17 11:48pm
Steering Committee Member of Democratic Socialists of America Dustin Guastella said there is a need for mass protests and organization, but warned against abstract statements like “Love Trumps Hate,” which are “fundamentally non-political.” 
04/10/17 8:06pm
"I kind of came to the conclusion that almost everything I was doing had already been done in some form or another," he said. "So it was very redundant on my end. I wasn’t building anything new."
03/23/17 1:09pm

Philadelphia ranks near bottom of happy cities list

Of the top 10 happiest cities, eight were from California, with Fremont claiming the top spot. Sioux Falls, S.D. was ranked No. 5 and Washington, D.C. was ranked No. 10.
02/08/17 9:39pm
“We are super committed, all nine of us, to centering people whose narratives typically haven’t been heard and making sure to serve those groups before others,” Board member and Engineering freshman Curie Shim said. 
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