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07/22/10 3:06am

Sam Bieler | Lower drinking age will lead to lowered drinks

When 18-year-olds can legally purchase alcohol, buying and consuming alcohol becomes less exciting
07/08/10 2:50am

Sam Bieler | Trading Spaces: Beijing edition

Confident that I had no desire to study abroad, I planned a double major that would keep me on campus. Then I took a summer job as intern in an American law firm in Beijing, and realized I had made a huge mistake.
05/27/10 4:02am

Sam Bieler | If only I’d known

I now present everything that I wish I had known as a freshman.
04/13/10 3:59am

Bieler's Day Off | Better Rhodes to helping students

CURF needs to step up its efforts to let students know about fellowships and assist them in applying.
03/23/10 4:06am

Bieler's Day Off | Writing seminars are misunderstood

The Penn writing seminar can be a wonderfully effective tool, but only if its applications are made more clear.
02/23/10 6:04am

Bieler's Day Off | How technology hurts interactions

The digital revolution is all around us but if we are not careful, the issues of technology and space will isolate us right out of what makes Penn special as a University.
02/09/10 5:42am

Bieler's Day Off | An honest chance to question politicians

Everyone deserves an honest chance to question their politicians, even if those questions are about when we can light up.
01/26/10 5:38am

Bieler's Day Off | From collaboration, celebration

Groups should work together to make better use of Penn’s many lesser-known funding sources.
12/13/09 10:28pm

Bieler's Day Off | Getting an A+ for effort

Getting an A+ in classes is a real possibility. The process for how these grades are awarded should be better standardized.
11/24/09 5:12am

Sam Bieler | Making the most of opportunities

For most, Halloween Friday is a bacchanalia of wild parties and scandalous outfits; I saw Shakespeare.
11/10/09 4:41am

Sam Bieler | The People-Who-Voted-Nov. 3rd Society

Last year 3,833 people voted on campus. This year only 171 people took the 20 minutes needed to cast a vote.
10/27/09 4:16am

Sam Bieler | Tunneling their way to Penn lore

The possibility of tunnels and crawl spaces running underneath campus have long dominated Penn lore
10/06/09 4:44am

Sam Bieler | 'Destination' doesn't have to be destiny

The U. Museum's efforts to attract more tourists don't highlight its best assets.
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