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02/13/16 6:00am
Horizons, a coding bootcamp course that College and Wharton alumni Edward Lando and Abhi Ramesh will offer at Penn, seeks to give students real-world coding skills that they can use in their future careers.
02/11/16 1:49am
If created, this algorithm could have major implications for the political scene, particularly after former CIA member Edward Snowden’s revelations of the information that the government has kept secret from the public.
02/04/16 8:18pm
Most computer science courses are born from a professor's research or are part of a prescribed track within the major. But CIS 399: Foundations of Data Science — newly offered this semester — began with a few students and a good idea.
02/04/16 12:57am
Professor Robert Ghrist, a member of the Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) program, wants to make higher-level mathematics more accessible to the masses by developing new methods to make math more enjoyable.
01/31/16 6:00am
Imagine a list containing every single Wawa location on the planet. Such an enormous amount of information seems impossible to conceive — but soon, computer science students at Penn will begin to make some sense of it.
01/25/16 11:53pm
MechaNek is a robotic head restraint to improve safety for racecar drivers, while giving them greater freedom of movement. 
12/07/15 1:51am
Bianca’s Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for children going through difficult times in their lives.
11/15/15 10:13pm
Last Friday, instead of the usual quiet on Locust Walk, the street was filled with neon lights and crazy electric guitar solos.
10/19/15 10:57am
This weekend, the Penn Hindu Students Council and Young Jains of America organizations held a festival celebrating Navratri, a Hindu festival.
10/05/15 8:24pm
For many Penn students, Hangify has become the first resource when figuring out what to do on weekends. Merv Arnold-Lyons, a College senior and the company’s founder and current CEO, has no plans for slowing down anytime soon.
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