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02/05/24 10:15pm
The lawsuit alleges that funds designated for economically underprivileged business students were given to student athletes who did not fit the criteria. 
11/30/23 1:59am
Former and current hotel employees alleged their complaints of a toxic workplace have gone unaddressed due to their superior's apparent marriage to a top Penn administrator. 
11/26/23 11:36pm
The DP spoke with University Architect Mark Kocent about the latest phase of campus development, its current timeline, and how it will affect the University and Philadelphia communities.
11/15/23 9:16pm
The issues "stemmed back" as far as 2017, according to one text message shared with The Daily Pennsylvanian.
09/11/23 9:37pm
The policy prohibits Wharton-affiliated consulting clubs from charging fees to nonprofits as well as for-profit companies.
04/23/23 8:37pm
Penn's winter break for the 2023-2024 school year, starting Dec. 21 and ending Jan. 18, will be more than a week longer than this year's break. 
04/11/23 7:20pm
In large part due to Tesla stock’s nearly 50% drop since last April, Musk’s net worth has fallen by $39 billion since last year. 
04/10/23 8:42pm
While counseling through Student Health and Counseling is located off-campus at 3624 Market Street, the ARCH is located in the center of Penn’s campus on Locust Walk.
03/21/23 8:02pm
Tallbear’s research interests center around how genealogical characteristics and DNA analysis result in consequences for indigenous communities. 
03/13/23 9:06pm
Second-year students in the Wharton MBA Program for Executives founded CSG in 2022 to invest in sports franchises.
02/16/23 12:48am
King will join Wharton as a professor in health care management from the Yale School of Management.
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