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12/07/15 1:52am
Nina Godiwalla was recently awarded the 2015 Kathleen McDonald Distinguished Alumna Award
11/17/15 1:30am
During the middle of this semester, students in PHIL 247 welcomed a new instructor for the class centered on the theory of Karl Marx.
11/05/15 12:50am
In past years, the Sweeten Alumni House has focused on expanding homecoming attractions beyond traditional events to encourage alumni to return to campus.
11/01/15 12:00pm
In recent years, companies have begun targeting freshmen and sophomores, particularly those who identify as minorities
10/26/15 10:26pm
One class assignment involves posting a Snapchat story.
10/06/15 11:20pm
Men in Penn Engineering earn $106,339 more than women in Penn Engineering.
10/05/15 12:11am
Some students have opted to reschedule their study abroad plans.
10/04/15 2:00pm
Grace Wang, a 2013 college graduate, joined TFA directly after graduation and has been teaching at a Cleveland school for three years now.
09/06/15 3:00pm
You’ll probably recognize the name E. Craig Sweeten when walking by Sweeten Alumni House, the red brick gothic style house that is home to Penn Alumni relations.
04/22/15 12:12am
While most people are planning to return home or work internships this summer, Huntsman freshman Menelaos Mazarakis will be returning to a remote area in Peru for the fifth summer in a row.
04/17/15 10:00am
The Penn Haven Co-op, located on Woodland Avenue, is a vegan cooperative living community that values local engagement and conscious living.
04/15/15 1:28am
Is it better to get into Penn and exhaust every option to afford it, or is it better to simply get rejected because of your inability to pay? This is a serious question that many international students ask themselves when applying to Penn.
04/02/15 12:03am
The Civic Scholars program may implement an advisory board over the next year.
03/23/15 1:05am
Presidential candidates and College juniors Aiden McConnell and Jane Meyer shared their views on a variety of campus issues.
03/09/15 2:00am
Every year, around three hundred international students leave their homes across seas, traveling to Penn while still on the brink of adulthood. 
03/02/15 1:44am
The English Department is expanding its course offerings to offer a more integrative, hands-on education.
02/26/15 1:59am
Wharton and Engineering seniors Ashwin Amurthur and Teddy Guenin are in the process of launching a company that will help limit the environmental impact of fracking.
02/24/15 1:34am
In the past few weeks, many girls have walked into their dorm rooms to be greeted by colorful posters, warm Wishbone chicken wings and cookies lying on their beds.
02/17/15 12:17am
The Pope is likely to visit either a children's hospital or a juvenile prison while in the City of Brotherly Love.
02/16/15 12:59am
The Nominations & Elections Committee is currently looking for mis- and/or under-represented student groups to sit on the University Council.
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