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12/05/13 11:21pm
As we go through college, we seem to lose these moments of intense learning fueled by our curiosity, with no career strings attached.
11/21/13 8:28pm
Allowing exam regrades is an important part of a fair grading system, but we as students must reevaluate our attitude towards them and be more selective when requesting them.
11/06/13 11:44pm
To declare e-cigarettes a silver bullet to smoking simply because it is the lesser of two evils is to blatantly ignore the lessons we have learned from tobacco control.
10/24/13 12:18am
Penn Course Review is an ingenious idea with value, but we should still be wary of using it as our primary decision-making tool.
09/26/13 2:36am
Should we really be proud when we sleep less, or take pride in taking six classes just because it sounds like a lot?
08/29/13 12:58am
If other minorities can have developed characters — think Kurt from “Glee” or Sophia from “Orange is the New Black” — why can’t Asian-Americans?
04/12/13 3:52am
I wondered if food trucks were missing out on the large customer segment that wanted healthy meals. My survey data suggested that healthy food trucks weren’t doing enough to reach these people and fight the stereotype surrounding food trucks in general. However, if they could solve this disconnect, a mutually beneficial outcome could be achieved.
03/29/13 4:03am
There will always be people who don’t like you, who want to be mean to you and who will put you down. It is impossible to control others, but we do have control over ourselves. When it comes to bullying, we have to worry less about the bullies and more about the victims.
03/14/13 5:15am
Our constant consumption on and multitasking across various technologies may actually be training our brains to focus for smaller increments of time, which further decreases our ability to efficiently complete our work.
02/01/13 5:58am
Even in the midst of all the demand for compromise in recent years, rarely do we hear a call for voters to compromise their own political beliefs and expectations of the political system and politicians.
01/18/13 6:40am
Although Gutmann is comfortably in the one percent, she deserves a break.
11/30/12 6:40am
Here’s what I have to say to the 18-year-old future Dr. Robert Hsu.
11/16/12 5:59am
It can be difficult to come down from the “high” of freshman year into the reality of sophomore year.
11/02/12 4:54am
Many students are reluctant to give research a go because they view it as a boring or isolating activity. But, in reality, research is an extremely collaborative process, one that epitomizes creativity in an academic field.
09/21/12 2:59am
I’ve blown my cover too many times to be considered a real American agent.
09/07/12 2:15am
Living in Philadelphia has pushed me further outside of my comfort zone than most of my classes at Penn have.
06/07/12 12:08am
I’ve realized so much of life is plain trial and error. As all of our moms used to tell us when we refused to try new food: if you never try it, how will you know that you don’t like it? The same applies to life.
04/11/12 6:04am
In hindsight, I did have time. But I didn’t think it was important to make time to relax, catch up with friends, exercise and sleep.
04/04/12 4:44am
I used to think hard work was like working at a restaurant: if I put in enough hours, I would receive what I want. High school was pretty much the same story. I would work hard and cash my efforts in for a handful of As at the end of every semester. But college is different.
03/28/12 3:58am
It’s been almost a year since I, along with other regular decision applicants, got into Penn. Even though March 30, 2011 seems like a while ago, I try to remind myself how fortunate I am to be at Penn.
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