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12/01/15 12:31am
Career Services recently released their annual report detailing the post-graduation choices of 2015 Wharton graduates.
11/15/15 12:00pm
Varying by department, teaching assistants at Penn see a decent pay rate for their work.
10/27/15 12:15am
Even before Penn's all-grant admissions policy, about 45 percent of students received financial aid.
10/11/15 10:54pm
Penn’s loan default rate for undergraduate students is roughly 1.1 percent
10/01/15 1:37am
Designed for families who prefer to pay all or most of the student’s educational expenses, the Monthly Budget Plan allows them to pay over a 10-month period.
09/22/15 11:51pm
With many other variables to take into consideration, the approximate amount of money that students save if by living at home totals around $11,700.
09/13/15 11:45pm
Penn's Global Seminars are on-campus courses with brief travel components.
09/07/15 11:00am
Despite claims to the contrary, the majority of Penn's endowment goes to student aid.
08/27/15 12:11pm
The budget allocates $206 million to undergraduate financial aid, an increase of four percent from the projected 2015 forecast.  
08/26/15 7:09pm
Administered by The Wharton School on behalf of Penn, the Barry & Marie Lipman Family Prize is an annual global prize awarded to social impact groups.
08/20/15 2:41am
Don't let back to school break the bank.
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