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05/13/16 1:24am
While the city and Penn prepare to welcome Miranda, the Founding Father's shadow looms in Philadelphia's history.
04/28/16 2:51am
A year after "Hey Day 100," students from the Class of 2017 are also celebrating "100" in their Hey Day celebration. But how can two classes celebrate the same anniversary?
04/27/16 2:29am
Presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton celebrated her Pennsylvania primary victory at the Terrace Ballroom of the Philadelphia Convention Center.
04/26/16 2:03am
On Monday, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich stopped by the Penrose Diner in South Philadelphia to talk with Pennsylvania voters.
03/03/16 12:37am
In May 2011, Ruth Perelman, with her husband Raymond, donated $225 million to the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, making it the largest gift to a U.S.
03/03/16 12:34am
On Tuesday, House Committee on Ways and Means met to discuss free speech on college campuses. The Congress Oversight Subcommittee is confronting the question of whether tax-exempt universities endanger their nonprofit status by allowing political activities on campus.
02/24/16 2:07am
Though nursing students question whether death is sufficiently addressed in the curriculum, patient loss can be a routine part of healthcare professions.
02/04/16 2:30am
Students for a Democratic Society is making its comeback on campus, after its initial debut during the Vietnam War.
12/23/15 9:24pm
The controversy impacted student organizations like Penn for Hillary and Penn for Bernie.
07/22/15 11:43pm
As I began reading submissions, collecting essays and conversing over coffees, I observed that love had a profoundly underrepresented relationship to mental health. So many of our writers felt compelled to talk about their romantic experiences, yet simultaneously awkward about it. Their experiences couldn't be mental health issues; they were just being emotional.
09/13/14 4:27pm
There is a problem when men dominate both the attendance and the questions of political on-campus events. There is a problem when women who hold leadership positions stick out because of their gender. There is a problem when girls like me, who rarely pay attention to these things, start to worry.
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02/01/16 4:59pm

Penn politicos respond to DNC data breach

Last week, the Democratic presidential primary race was shaken up when Bernie Sanders’s campaign gained access to data privately obtained and managed by Hillary Clinton’s staff. Though Sanders was quick to apologize to Clinton and his supporters in Saturday night’s debate on ABC, the controversy impacted student organizations like Penn for Hillary and Penn for Bernie.
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