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04/18/13 8:23pm

Writers seek to find deeper meaning in tweets

The blog, Twit Crit, officially launched last week, and is meant to provide a space to discuss and critically analyze Twitter.
04/09/13 6:57pm

Student groups to celebrate alternate fling

Penn Haven Co-op will be putting on their own Fling show at the same time as the SPEC concert at their house on 518 Woodland Terrace.
03/20/13 10:21pm

Bill to require contractors to disclose executives' gender breakdown

On March 14, council member Blondell Reynolds Brown introduced legislation to compel contractors applying to work with the city of Philadelphia to disclose the number of female executives in their company.
02/17/13 10:50pm
Planned by the Senior Class Board, this year’s Feb Club consists of 28 different events on every day in February
02/05/13 11:51pm
Humor and comedy have always been a central part of the Penn Band since its inception in 1897. This year, two College sophomores, Kylie Murrin and Lauren Mendoza, are leading the Penn Band in that same direction.
01/13/13 7:02pm
Seven freshmen founded a new group, Penn Non-Cis, for students whose biological gender and sexual identity do not match.
12/09/12 5:59pm
Last Wednesday, the United Minorities Council elected College sophomore Joyce Kim as its new chair
12/05/12 10:59pm

Journal focuses on women's role with water

According to the World Health Organization, women and children in Africa spend around 40 billion hours collecting water each year, but they are systematically excluded from all decision making in areas of water and sanitation.
12/03/12 11:16pm

Africana Studies Department prepares to hire faculty, create classes

The newly-minted department is currently working on putting together an action plan for new hires, though they have been able to “hire” one faculty member, honorary emeritus professor W.E.B. Du Bois.
11/28/12 11:30pm

Study shows Latino voting bloc has diverse backgrounds and interests

A study about political identity among Latino voters found that grouping all Latino-American voters under one bloc is ridden with flaws.
11/26/12 9:55pm
Last week, UMOJA — the umbrella organization for black student groups on campus — elected College sophomores Abrina Hyatt and Meron Zeru as its new planning and facilitating co-chairs.
11/11/12 10:43pm

United Minorities Council kicks off Unity Month

In another effort to continue the community building, UMC hosted a celebration in Houston Hall on Friday, showcasing local Philadelphia artists and student performing groups.
11/04/12 11:36pm
Walking along Locust Walk is a young woman striving to be a celebrity. Her fans call her Ivy Sole, but her professors stick with Taylor McLendon.
10/25/12 9:25pm

Penn Consortium for Undergraduate Women to launch 'Love Your Body' campaign

This weekend, the Penn Consortium for Undergraduate Women will hold a discussion over Sunday brunch about the media’s influence on body image.
10/24/12 12:23am
Along with his brother and nephew, Scott has a rare retinal disease called choroideremia, which destroys retinal cells and causes the patient to gradually lose peripheral vision until he or she is completely blind. In order to raise money and awareness, he decided that he would run 12 marathons in 12 months.
10/03/12 9:06pm
Students participated in a langar, or community meal, to commemorate the six Sikhs that were murdered in the Wisconsin temple shooting this past August.
09/14/12 12:12am
By improving childcare services at Penn, the University hopes to attract more female faculty members — in line with the Action Plan for Faculty Diversity and Excellence.
09/12/12 9:36pm

Penn looks to high school students to increase faculty diversity

As part of its ongoing efforts to become more diverse at the faculty level, Penn is looking to recruit from a somewhat surprising source: high schools.
09/06/12 10:18pm

ARCH centers forced to relocate during construction

Due to the renovations, the three cultural centers that were housed in the ARCH have relocated to offices on the second floor of Houston Hall for the time being, and CURF has been moved to an office on South 40th Street.
09/05/12 9:40pm

Twelve schools of Penn release individual plans for promoting faculty diversity

In this feature, The Daily Pennsylvanian takes a look at some of the specific ways in which Penn’s four undergraduate schools are aiming to recruit and retain a diverse faculty.
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