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01/13/18 3:02pm
The Penn Slavery Project discovered that out of Penn's 28 founding trustees who were investigated, 20 of them held slaves and had financial ties to the slave trade. 
12/03/17 3:10pm
College sophomore Aleksei Kuryla said he was skeptical that removing smoker poles on campus would effectively reduce smoking among students. 
11/01/17 8:41pm
“In a weird way it was flattering, that they would go to the trouble to hack a student website at Penn,” College sophomore Ethan Woolley said. 
10/25/17 7:21pm
Students and teaching assistants in CIS 120 have been pushed into overcrowded rooms with no electrical outlets for their office hours.
10/18/17 10:52pm
“In my geology class, we haven't even turned in a single assignment. I didn’t know if I was doing anything right. It was pretty impossible to gauge where I was at,” College sophomore Eliza Halpin said.
10/09/17 8:45pm
As Director of Penn Libraries, Rogers introduced the Weigle Information Commons, the Kislak Center for Special Collections and the Moelis Grand Reading Room.
10/08/17 7:50pm
Various competitions have been set up inviting students to make arguments for Philadelphia to be made the home of the tech giant's next headquarters. 
09/29/17 7:55am
 “If you’re working a lot, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and something you’re excited about."
09/27/17 7:56pm
Online courseware sites, such as Khan Academy and Coursera have grown increasingly popular, but research shows that overusing these services can affect learning.
09/20/17 8:49pm
“I sat next to sophomores, juniors and seniors and I did the same work as them, I don’t understand why they would get the credit and I wouldn't." 
09/20/17 5:08pm
Earlier this month, hackers broke into the system of credit-reporting agency Equifax and stole the private information of up to 143 million people.
09/19/17 7:27pm
Many students are looking for a job in the energy industry and say the program's heavy research requirements aren't particularly relevant. 
09/14/17 8:06pm
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt said it's “insensitive” to raise climate change in the immediate aftermath of deadly storms. One Penn professor replied, “I think that’s poppycock." 
09/08/17 12:00am
Out of 3,235 American counties, Philadelphia ranks 661 for well-being, 2,283 for depression and 3,223 for agreeableness.
09/06/17 9:04pm
Penn InTouch can support up to 1,200 concurrent users. That is 5 percent of Penn's overall student population.
08/29/17 3:00pm
Their model has found that Trump's proposal to cut down on legal immigration will lower GDP without increasing the wages of American laborers by a significant amount.
08/25/17 6:59am
The catalog is the first in a series of updates to Penn's information systems through the “Next Generation Student Systems” project. 
08/23/17 7:00am
“At times you’ll feel homesick or slightly uncomfortable, but they’re always people and resources at campus,” College and Engineering sophomore Raj Bhuva said.
07/25/17 12:19pm
Princeton University had the lowest score — 48.3 percent lower than the Ivy League average — according to the report from
07/18/17 1:59pm
Lauren Sallan, the Martin Meyerson assistant professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, is on the front lines of studying the causes of extinction-level events. 
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