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04/10/12 12:22am

Flinging through the years

For 39 years, Penn students have put down their books, set aside their homework and flocked to the Quad for the Quakers’ most holy weekend — Spring Fling. Complete Spring Fling CoverageINTERACTIVE: Spring Fling Performers
04/03/12 12:15am
Three to four times a week, College senior Kristen Jackson takes a break from her life at Penn to interact with a completely different set of students — West Philadelphia public school students. Many of the students Jackson mentors bounce from home to home, sleeping at different places every night.
02/09/12 12:54am

Interdisciplinary majors gaining popularity in College

For some, interdisciplinary majors offer a unique opportunity to learn about a wider variety of subjects, while others believe these majors are too simplistic and not specialized enough.
01/31/12 1:08am

Penn community responds to UA hazing

Students across campus have offered mixed reactions to the Undergraduate Assembly’s violations of the University’s Antihazing and Alcohol and Drug policies.
12/09/11 5:09pm
This year, Penn’s early decision acceptance rate declined by almost 1 percent, from 26.1 percent last year to 25.4 percent, Dean of Admissions Eric Furda announced on Friday. INTERACTIVE: Penn early decision
12/08/11 9:13pm

Class of 2016 early admissions decisions to be released Friday

Today, more than 4,500 early decision applicants will find out whether they have a place in Penn’s Class of 2016.
12/08/11 7:30pm

Obama's push for diversity unlikely to dramatically affect University policies

Last Friday, President Barack Obama’s administration urged higher-education institutions to promote diversity on their campuses — a move that Penn administrators say will benefit the University, as well as colleges nationwide. WORD ON THE WALK: Racial Diversity
12/07/11 10:26pm

Loan refusal pledge faces mixed reactions from administration

Occupy Wall Street’s nationwide student loan refusal pledge proposes that debtors stop paying off loans when the petition reaches one million signatures. Some administrators oppose the plan, arguing students have a legal obligation to repay loans.
11/30/11 11:03pm
After Occupy Philadelphia’s encampment was evicted by police on Wednesday morning, over 75 people gathered at a teach-in outside Van Pelt Library.
11/29/11 10:18pm
Occupy Philadelphia protesters will march to campus Wednesday to hear City University of New York Graduate Center professor David Harvey speak about their movement.
11/28/11 10:23pm
In addition to securing housing for the school year, some international students have the added burden of finding a place to stay during breaks.
11/27/11 10:29pm

Drop in early apps at Penn, peers may be tied to Harvard and Princeton

This fall, the reinstatement of Harvard and Princeton universities’ early action programs, which were eliminated in 2006, may have contributed to diminished applicant pools for many of their competitors, including Penn. INTERACTIVE: 2012 early admissions at peer schools
11/21/11 10:39pm

Two Penn students win Marshall Scholarship

Wharton and College senior Corey Metzman and 2009 College graduate Michael Poll were two of around 40 students who won the scholarship, which pays for two years of graduate studies in the United Kingdom. INTERACTIVE: Penn scholarship recipients over the years
11/21/11 12:47am

No Penn students receive Rhodes Scholarship

“We’re extremely disappointed. Penn put forward several stellar candidates,” Aaron Olson, assistant director for communications at the Center of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, wrote in an email.
11/20/11 11:07pm

Penn enters 'Top U.S. Producers of Fulbright Students' list

While Penn made The Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Top U.S. Producers of Fulbright Students” list this year for the first time since 2008, it lagged behind 16 other universities.
11/17/11 10:34pm

Professors turn to mid-semester reviews for feedback

More professors are using mid-semester reviews at Penn, as well as across the nation.
11/13/11 11:42pm
A Georgetown University study found that less than half of undergraduates with engineering or science majors pursue a career in the field of science. These students may be attracted to business career paths because of salary and location.
11/10/11 11:37pm

Penn sees slight drop in early decision applications

Penn received 4,510 early-decision applications this fall, a 1.3-percent decrease from last year’s total of 4,571 applications. INTERACTIVE: Early applications to Penn 2006-2012
11/07/11 9:14pm

Snow stalls early decision applications

Since many students were affected by last week’s storm, Penn’s Office of Admissions extended its early decision deadline from Nov. 1 to Friday, Nov. 4.
11/02/11 11:24pm

Feeling link to U.S. culture, Canadian student applies early

In the third part of a series following students applying early decision to Penn, we caught up with Ontario high-school senior William Xiao, who started preparing to apply to an American university in tenth grade.
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